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Ideaworks Cordless Tyre Inflator

  1. Tyre inflator for use on car and bicycle tyres
  2. Car tyre pump with pressure gauge to keep your tyres safely inflated
  3. Handheld and battery powered for ultimate convenience – no more trips to the garage!
  4. Rechargeable with wall adaptor and cigarette lighter adaptor so you’re always prepared
  5. Can also be used for inflating balls and inflatable toys, so handy to have around!

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Make sure you’re always driving safely by checking your tyres at home or on the go with this convenient tyre pump

It’s really easy to forget to check the pressure in your tyres – it’s one of those little tasks that you know you should do regularly but never seem to get around to. However, driving around with over- or under-inflated tyres has a lot of consequences:

  • If your tyres are under inflated they will have uneven contact with the road, causing the outside edges to become worn down and leaving you at risk of having an accident as you will have far less control. Underinflated tyres also make your car less fuel efficient, costing you a lot of unnecessary petrol money.
  • If your tyres are overinflated, then your car won’t be able to brake properly – a very risky situation! Over inflation also leads to increased wear, meaning tyres will have to be replaced more quickly.

To ensure that you and your passengers stay safe while driving you should check tyre pressure every couple of weeks. But who has time to do that? Getting to a garage and spending ages crouching around your car with an inflator takes up a lot of valuable time from your day. It can also add up, as most garages now charge for air. You can make sure that your car is safe without having to make any special trips by getting yourself a car air pump to use at home.

This electric air pump can be used for cars, bicycles, balls and inflatable toys. This battery powered, handheld device is so convenient – just attach it to your car’s tyre as normal and you can find out your tyre pressure in seconds, for free! It comes with a pneumatic hose to make it extra simple to reach any tyre valve.

The rechargeable 9V battery can be charged at home or on the go – it comes with both a wall adaptor and an adaptor to plug into your car’s cigarette lighter. Keep it in the boot of your car for emergencies or for pumping up bike tyres and inflatables during holidays. You’ll be prepared for anything with this cordless tyre inflator!



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SKU / Product Code 11511
Brand Ideaworks
Recommended For Checking and inflating car tyres, bicycle tyres, balls and inflatable toys
Included Contents Tyre inflator, 12V battery, flexible air hose adaptor, wall charger, cigarette lighter charger, 2 valve tips for balls and inflatables, instructions
Power Rechargeable 12V battery
CE Approved Yes
Colour Black and yellow
Function Inflates up to 799 kPa
Size 28 x 12 cm (11 x 4.75 inches)
Product Rating
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Total : 1 Reviews
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Ok but let down by incapable of inflating my tyres Review by annanholm
Product Rating
Idea ok But the fittings given with the pump are incapable of inflating a cars tyre.The hose supplied has a female fitting which you screw on to the tyres valve.It will inflate the tyre but when you try to remove the hose from the valve the air is released from the tyre valve whilst you are unscrewing the hose
I have contacted ideaworks and stress no more without any assistance in fact ideaworks have not replied to my message.
I can modyfy the hose but this should not be needed,Query the use of the Trades Description Act comes to mind

Dear AH
Thank you for your review. I am sorry you did not receive a reply from Ideaworks in the US, but I hope to be able to resolve your query.
Oh dear, when I saw your review I decided to test one to see if there was a design problem. I’ve tested out the product after charging it for an hour or so, I used the pneumatic hose included and managed to inflate my tyre from 26PSI to 30Psi within a few minutes, and lost minimal air when undoing the hose from the valve. I then tried it without the hose, and it worked just as well, without the hose unfortunately just made it a bit harder to view the gauge.
I'm not sure if your unit is faulty so would you please return it so we can test it and see if it working properly. If you are unhappy then willmake a full refund.
Thank you for your review, we want to get our products right so please let us have a look it.
Customer Care Team (Posted on 18 September 2016)
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(12 of 13 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

Does this inflator have a digital display to show tyre pressure and is it 9 or 12 volt? Thanks
I need to replace the air hose from the actual machine. If possible I'd like it attached or supplied with the yellow piece that screws onto the hand piece.
I put the Inflation away with the air hose attached and it was stressed at the yellow screw on piece. When I went to use it today the hose was broken hard against the nut. So I have this beautiful compact tire inflation that is useless unless I can get the above. mine has a tire display Very very useful