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Best Selling
  • SleepPro

SleepPro products are recommended and approved by sleep clinics, hospitals, doctors and dentists worldwide. In Britain they are tested and recommended by many of the NHS and private hospitals with treatment programmes in sleep medicine and snoring. Using their expertise in oral surgery and dental techniques SleepPro aim to help chronic snorers and their partners find an affordable way to stop snoring and have developed the SleepPro Systems as an affordable and effective means of treating snoring.


SleepPro customers and ENT doctors alike, commend SleepPro on their innovative and exceptionally effective products, designed for both men and women.

Mr David Gardiner – SleepPro Easifit user:

‘Had a remarkable result from my first night with a SleepPro. Many thanks.’

Susan Greaves – SleepPro Woman user:

‘At last, someone has realised that lots of women snore too and has created a suitable product for the girls. Not only has it stopped me snoring, but I now wake up feeling like I’ve had a decent night’s sleep.‘

Dr. Sebastian Kraemer – SleepPro Easifit user:

‘My wife says it’s a ‘miracle’. This is the best mouthpiece of its type that I have tried – and I have tried most of them. I wear it every night, much to the relief of my other half’

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