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Organic Where Possible (OWP)

Organic Where Possible OWP

Organic Where Possible (OWP) is a pioneering healthy and beauty company. Launched in 2019, its range of vegan and organic skincare products combine science and nature to brighten, nourish and completely rejuvenate the skin. Packed with nature’s finest ingredients, OWP boasts high-quality yet affordable skincare. Indulge in your skincare today with OWP.

Beeswax is an essential ingredient that we champion in our products for its rejuvenating skincare properties. Honeybees fly an average of 2 miles from their hives on their search for nectar and pollen. To be certified organic, beeswax, pollen and honey that we use would have to come from a beehive that is in the centre of 16 square miles of organic plant land. Organic bees cannot source nectar and pollen from areas exposed to potential pollution from motorways, incinerators or pesitcides.

Farmers in the UK take all steps necessary to keep bee produce as natural as possible, so that's why we are Organic Where Possible. Our range of skincare is infused with 100% organic ingredients plus natural beeswax, honey and bee pollen. Read more about organic ingredients here...

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