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Can You Rejuvenate Your Intimate Health in Just 10 Minutes?

What if you could revitalise your intimate health? Bladder control, heightened sensations, improved moisture – this isn’t the stuff you hear in the magazines. As we grow older, we’re told we will undoubtedly see a change in our intimate health. Whether this is cosmetic or health-related, your area down below definitely won’t be the same as it used to.

As our age ripens, we may notice that maybe sex isn’t as easy and fun as it used to be, or it’s a LOT harder to control our bladder (with the odd leak here and there!). But, the downfall of your intimate health is not inevitable!

Brand-new intimate healthcare product, Vivify™ Rejuvenating Pelvic Health Toner, is a hi-tech device that can help you do just that!

The vaginal rejuvenation device harnesses blue light LED therapy with red laser light therapy and vibration to ‘vivify’ your intimate health. The toner can be used to:

  • Tone and tighten
  • Rejuvenate vaginal tissue and improve natural moisture
  • Improve sexual sensation
  • Rejuvenate weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Improve symptoms of urinary incontinence

How does blue LED light therapy improve your intimate health?

The Vivify™ Toner has 12 blue LED lights to help restore intimate skin tone and are antimicrobial, helping the user to maintain healthy vaginal pH balance.

Ongoing clinical trials are also investigating whether light therapy can reduce odour and prevent Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).

How does red laser light therapy improve your intimate health?

19 red laser lights on the Vivify™ toner help to boost collagen and elastin; essential for healthy tissue and muscles. This form of light therapy also helps to improve circulation within the vaginal tissue – vital for increasing natural moisture and heightening intimate sensations. 81% of women who use multimodal vaginal toning experience an improvement in their sexual function – and who doesn’t want stronger orgasms?

How does vibration therapy improve your intimate health?

The vibration therapy setting on the Vivify™ toner can help to improve pelvic floor muscle tone and improve little leaks. 90% of women see a reduction in bladder leakage when using vibration therapy.