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How To Kick Self-doubt and Find Self-love This Valentine’s Day

Another year, another Valentine's Day. But while the focus this time of year is on our love for others, it’s important to remember about self-love too.

You've heard the expression, 'to love somebody else, you must first love yourself' – right?

But self-love is becoming much harder today, driven by social media perfection and the need for instant gratification. In fact, one study found that 1 in 2 people globally feels more self-doubt than self-love.

Here are our top tips for kicking self-doubt and finding self-love this Valentine’s Day – and all year round.

Focus on what makes YOU happy

For many, the desire to make other people happy is more powerful than the desire to make ourselves happy. And true happiness often doesn’t come from life’s “highs” that we see all over social media.

Stripping back everything material, find the space to really think about what drives you, what are you good at and what moments have you found true happiness in your life? By doing this, research has found you’ll likely experience better life satisfaction and a favourable attitude of yourself.

Have the confidence to be your own person, make your own decisions and if you find joy in what isn't particularly 'cool', who cares what others think.

Remember your value isn’t based on your looks

Scrolling through social media, flicking through magazines and watching reality TV, it can be easy to believe that looks are everything.

But beauty comes in all different forms and it’s exactly what makes you different that makes you beautiful. The power you have when you fully accept your body for yours is extraordinary – trust me that no man or woman is 100% happy with theirs.

You don’t need to think every part of you is perfect, just remember that your value is so much more than your exterior.

Put yourself first

We’re typically brought up by our parents and educators to think of others before ourselves. And while this is important for building strong relationships and bettering humanity, it can leave one person left out – and that’s you.

Putting others’ happiness and wellbeing before your own all the time can be damaging to your happiness and wellbeing. So, don’t be afraid to say no if you’d rather soak in the bath or binge Netflix alone.

Project confidence externally

It’s natural for everyone to feel self-doubt in some situations and with imposter syndrome becoming more common, it’s time we worked on our ability to project confidence.

You might not feel 100% confident inside, but by being brave and bold, you’ll soon realise that confidence is something you learn to be. You’ll also encourage others to be more confident too – think of it as a virtuous circle.

Invest in self-care tech

Technology is transforming our lives, sometimes for the worse. But there’s a growing tech trend that’s focused on making you feel good.

Accelerated by slowing down during the COVID-19 pandemic and placing value on good health, self-care tech is helping to drive a $1.5 trillion wellness market.

Leaning on technology, like fitness wearables and health tracking apps, to help you achieve your wellness goals is a great way to feel more positive and in control of the direction of your life.

Taking some time out too is also important and smart at-home spa technologies are helping to slash the costs and time investment needed in self-care. So too are mindfulness and guided breathing apps.

The sexual wellness market is also booming, as men and women both look to take control of their own pleasure. For example, sales of pelvic floor devices, including electronic toners, are soaring post-pandemic as more people feel empowered to overcome intimate health issues that have been restricting their quality of life and relationships.