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What's Your Squeeze Scale?

Do you know how strong your pelvic floor muscles are? You may think they're pretty tight and toned if you religiously do your daily kegels, or you may worry that they're far too weak if you're having laughter leaks. But really, it can be hard to tell, mainly because we can't see our pelvic floor. That's where Kegel8's Squeeze Scale comes in.

Kegel8, producer of the very best pelvic floor exercisers, have solved this problem and kick-started a revolution for manual pelvic floor exercise. Today they unveiled the Squeeze Scale, a clever way of visualising your pelvic floor strength in order to understand your strength and see where there's room for improvement.

Kegel8 Squeeze Scale for a Stronger Pelvic Floor

Use the brand new Kegel8 Pelvic Trainer to find out your Squeeze Scale, then let the device guide you through interactive exercises that are specially tailored for your Squeeze Scale level. The unit takes you through every single squeeze and lift of each pelvic floor contraction, which ensures you're working the muscles correctly and relaxing them properly between contractions too. Knowing your Squeeze Scale helps you to understand your body and do exercises that will work exactly for you. It also gives you something to strive for; that perfect Squeeze Scale score of 9 is tough but achievable, and with plenty of perseverance you could make it into the Squeeze Scale elite! So come on; who's brave enough to tell us their Squeeze Scale?