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What is A Penis Ring? A Complete Guide

You probably think of penis rings as a tool to increase pleasure in the bedroom. Although true to an extent, penis rings can be a vital tool for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction to improve the strength and endurance of erections.

In the UK, 1 in 10 men suffer from erectile dysfunction and this prevalence only increases with age. Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, concerns the inability to sustain or maintain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. This can be caused by stress, anxiety, tiredness, or substance abuse, but it is an extremely common condition.

How can a penis ring improve my erections?

A penis ring is worn around the base of the penis or testicles. The tightness of the ring applies pressure to surrounding area. The blood vessels in the penis are squeezed under this pressure, increasing the total amount of blood in the penis, and slowing the amount of blood that can leave the penis, creating a stronger erection.

What are the different types of penis ring?

Penis Ring

  • This fits around the penis helping to delay orgasm and increase pleasure. It is the most common form of ring to help improve erectile dysfunction.

Penoscrotal Ring

  • This is worn around the base of the penis and testicles. This form of ring can also help to increase pleasure and delay orgasm and has the possibility to improve erectile dysfunction.

Testicle Ring

  • This form of ring fits around the testicles and works to increase pleasure and delay orgasms for men. There is little evidence to suggest that it can help in the improvement of erectile dysfunction.

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What do you need to consider when choosing a penis ring?

There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing a penis ring, including:

  • Material – If you have sensitive skin or suffer from latex allergies make sure you check what material the ring is made from.
  • The fit – The ideal fit should apply enough pressure to achieve your goals, without causing any pain or harm.

What is an erection pump?

For some men a penis ring may not be enough to sustain an erection. Those who struggle to gain an erection in the first place may consider using a vacuum pump to get their sex life back on track.

Devices such as the Maxhim Vacuum Erection Pump are a natural and safe way to boost the strength and endurance of an erection. The pump works via a vacuum that draws blood in to the penis to create an erection. Once this has been achieved, all you need to do is simply slide a constriction ring onto your penis to prevent the blood from leaving until you are ready.

Benefits of cock rings

Many men are apprehensive about putting their intimate area into a tight hoop – the prospect of it getting stuck is scary to most. However, penis rings boast a range of benefits and should be considered to level up your sex life.

Cock rings trap blood in the shaft of your penis, helping you maintain longer, harder erections. This can be especially beneficial for those that experience venous leakage – a type of erectile dysfunction where it’s difficult for the veins to lock in blood to maintain a long-lasting erection.

They can also make sex more pleasurable by helping to delay and intensify orgasms.

Naturally, the tightness of a penis ring replicates the ‘squeeze’ tactic used by many men to delay orgasm. Some rings even come with a secondary hoop that cup the testicles – known as a penoscrotal ring – delaying orgasms and making them feel even more pleasurable.

It goes without saying that improved and longer-lasting sexual performance makes men feel more confident. And the more confident you feel in the sack, the happier you’ll feel generally – with a fulfilling sex life and satisfied partner among the benefits likely to improve your mood.

Benefits of cock rings for her

The benefits of penis rings aren’t just for men but also extend to women.

Women that can reach orgasms from penetrative sex alone are in the minority. This is where penis rings come in.

Penis rings come in a range of shapes, sizes, and functions, with some including vibration features with settings for additional clitoral stimulation and even ‘girth extenders’ – all of which provide extra layers of pleasure for women.

Because cock rings trap blood flow leading to longer and harder erections, while delaying orgasm, it means you can both enjoy longer-lasting intimate sessions.

Best sex positions when wearing a cock ring

When using a penis ring during sex, certain positions can make the experience even more exciting.

Penis rings – particularly ones that vibrate – really spice up the following positions:

On-top positions

A vibrating cock ring will completely change how couples enjoy any on-top position. Because of where the penis ring sits on the shaft, it’s in the perfect spot to give your partner all the clitoral stimulation they need.

Taking it slow and grinding against the vibrating part can help push your partner over the finish line.

Around the back

A standard doggy-style position lets you and your partner enjoy you’re firmer, longer-lasting erection and more sensual penetration while leaving both parties with hands free to play around in other departments.

Old reliable

Sometimes, nothing can beat a standard missionary position when it comes to intimacy pleasure – and with the addition of a vibrating penis ring for extra stimulation, it can be even more enjoyable.

Many vibrating penis rings come with a knobbly part for clitoral stimulation that sits just at the bottom of the shaft – making it perfect for adding a new sensation with every thrust.

Risks of wearing a penis ring

Wearing a penis ring is perfectly safe. If you follow a few simple guidelines, you can avoid any potential risks altogether.

The main risk is health issues related to restricted blood flow and tissue damage from leaving the ring on too long. Restricted blood flow kills surrounding tissue, causing irreparable damage.

Avoiding this is simple, just make sure your penis ring fits comfortably and isn’t too tight. You should immediately remove it if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Pain or feelings of intense pressure
  • Unusual swelling or bulging
  • Discolouration or bruising
  • Feeling a numb sensation – like pins and needles

If you can’t remove your penis ring, go straight to A&E as soon as possible.

Different materials for cock rings

The best materials for penis rings are primarily silicone, plastic, or rubber. These materials have some slack in them and can be stretched to fit a multitude of sizes.

Metal penis rings are available, but these can be dangerous as they can’t be removed as quickly as rubber or silicone-based penis rings that are more malleable.

How long can you wear a cock ring?

To avoid long-lasting damage, don’t keep your penis ring on for longer than 20 minutes.

If you keep them on any longer than this, you risk severe injury, tissue and nerve damage and even the irreparable effects of restricted blood flow.

What else could I try for stronger erections?

While cock rings help you maintain a stronger erection, you shouldn’t be relying on them to be the only answer to underlying issues.

Luckily, there are plenty of things men can do to help strengthen and maintain erections:

Kegel exercises – Kegel exercises are often associated with women – however, these are well known to help eliminate erectile issues in men. See our guide on how to effectively perform Kegel exercises.

Lifestyle changes and regular exercise – There is evidence that nutrition and weight play a role in erectile health and dysfunction. Making sure you eat a balanced diet, keep an eye on the scales and cut out bad habits – like smoking and excessive drinking – can help alleviate the symptoms of ED.

Checking your prescriptions – Erectile issues can be a side effect of some medications. If you’re worried that any prescriptions are causing additional complications, speak to your doctor or GP.

Talking to a psychologist – Sometimes, if you’re struggling to perform, your mental health might be holding you back. Common struggles, like anxiety and depression, can also be affecting your erections. Talking through the problems with a professional or even your partner may help resolve any confidence issues and help get any performance anxiety under control.

Medication – Medications like PED5 inhibitors are the first treatment your doctor will suggest for treating your ED symptoms. If these don’t help and you have tried the above suggestions, other medications are available that can be injected directly into the penis.

Surgery – If you are seeing a specialist about erection issues and the treatments aren't working – or if you have had unintentional damage to your genitals caused by prostate surgery or injury – alternative surgery like penis implants can correct the issue in the most extreme of cases.

Penis pumps – If you’re struggling to get and maintain a long-lasting erection, penis pumps are an effective and non-invasive of getting there. Penis pumps are known to help alleviate the symptoms of ED and can even help temporarily increase the size of your penis – giving you more confidence in the bedroom improving your mood.

Erection creams – Topically applied medications – like Alprostadil – seep into the skin and tissue and make the surrounding blood vessels expand. Be sure to check the label forehand as creams can have some side-effects including:

  • Mild local aching or burning sensations
  • Discoloration of the penis
  • Rashes
  • Genital itching
  • Penile swelling
  • Penile tingling
  • Throbbing and numbness

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, stop using the cream and talk to your doctor about alternative solutions.

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