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Tackle Allergy Season With StressNoMore

At StressNoMore we have everything from air care to bedding to nebulisers and light therapy to keep you happy during the current allergy months. As we leap for joy because it’s still Summer there are plenty of us getting the tissues out due to our constant sneezing and allergies. Of course nothing much can overshadow the beauty of Summer but if we are sneezing and coughing then it can make us pretty unhappy to say the least.

StressNoMore have got you covered when it comes to varied allergy relief to cover everything from a dust mite allergy to immediate relief from sneezing due to pollen etc.  

Allergy free Heated Mattress Cover

Dust mite allergies When you are cold on a night there’s nothing better than snuggling up in your lovely, warm pre-heated bed is there? The only thing that sets you back is your allergies to the bedding! Now you don’t have to miss out. This heated mattress cover by Beurer boasts allergy free fabric and anti-dust mite fabric. The heated mattress cover that costs less than 2p per night to run making it very cost effective.  

Dry salt inhaler

Nasal congestion & allergies For instant relief from allergies on the go this dry salt inhaler is ideal. Perfect for alleviating nasal congestion and allergies it includes a mix of essential oils for aromatherapy. Clinically tested - Class I Medical Device it provides you with 100% natural, drug free treatment with unprocessed rock salt. Natural salt has antiseptic and detoxifying properties, killing germs and bacteria while helping the body to absorb oxygen.  

RhinoBeam forte

Colds, hay fever, rhinitis At StressNoMore we simply love the RhinoBeam forte for its ease of use and simplicity. This wonderful little device fights against colds, hay fever, rhinitis and other nasal allergies with natural light therapy giving you instant relief. The light therapy works immediately and directly where you need it and is superb for on the go relief. Free yourself from medications and over the counter drugs No side effects, or drowsiness ever!  

An Airfree Fit

Sensitivity to air pollutants Airfree Fit is a brilliant all-rounder when it comes to getting rid of airborne nasties. The air purifier will eliminate odours and destroys bacteria and viruses and sterilises 99.99% of airborne pollutants within 500L container. The Airfree Oxy is perfect for use in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere else you choose! It will help rid the air in your home of those nasty pollen particles and air pollutants which make you sneeze! When it comes to allergies, StressNoMore have got you covered!