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How a Quick Dip in the Pool Can be Bad for Your Intimate Health

Your intimate area is actually really awesome, it pretty much takes care and cleans itself. It is home to millions of tiny organisms called vaginal flora that work with your body to keep your vagina in perfect healthy condition. The problem is that these organisms are very delicate little things and if you don’t take care of them properly then it can lead to problems such as infection.

Your vaginal canal needs to be at a pH of between 4-5 for your vaginal flora to thrive and keep you in good intimate health, but a going for a swim can cause problems for this. Most swimming pools are cleaned with the chemical chlorine, which kills bacteria. This is generally a good thing, because the warm water in a pool is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This might sound like a good thing but not all bacteria is bad! Your vaginal flora being a prime example of this. When chlorine cuts too deep and kills off some of the good bacteria that are supposed to be helping your vagina stay healthy, it’s no surprise that you will start to feel out of balance.

Here are some of the possible reactions your intimate areas can have to chlorine;

  • Yeast infection- you are vulnerable to yeast infections when your vagina becomes too pH basic which allows the fungus that cause it to grow.
  • Bacterial vaginosis- a pH basic vagina can also lead to bacterial vaginosis which as well as being very itchy and uncomfortable also has a smelly discharge.
  • Vaginitis- or a general vaginal inflammation. This can be caused by anything that disrupts the pH. For some people chlorine can cause an allergic reaction in the vagina (allergic vaginitis) which can cause the vagina to become swollen or itchy.
  • Vulvitis- is basically the same as vaginitis but on the external part of your vagina. The external parts of your vagina are extremely sensitive so the irritating chlorine can often cause it to become itchy and burny.

So How Can You Reset your Vaginas pH to a Healthy Level?

Vaginal Suppositories ensure a healthy breeding ground for lactobacillus (the good bacteria) present in the vaginal flora and provide the perfect environment for its optimal reproduction. These natural milk cultures protect the vagina from harmful bacteria and infections and ensure a natural biological balance of the vaginas internal environment. Lactobacillus suppresses the reproduction of fungi bacteria that cause infections. Gyntima vaginal suppositories are some best out there. They are made from all natural harmless substances which nourish your vaginal flora instead of damaging them creating the optimum environment needed for a healthy intimate area for protection from the infections above. Check out the full range of their high quality intimate health products here. Chlorine is one of those chemicals that works to protect our health, but at something of a discomfort cost. If you have been relaxing the pool on holiday or love swimming for exercise then you will want to use vaginal suppositories to keep your intimate areas healthy.