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Get a Happier, Healthier Body! Your Guide to The Franklin Method

Does something feel not quite right with your body, no matter what you try? Even with a healthy, active lifestyle many of us suffer from aches, pains, poor posture and stress. The Franklin Method is a unique way of thinking about your body that transforms how you move, think and feel. We want to bring this Swiss way of living to the UK!


What is the Franklin Method?

The Franklin Method was invented to help dancers become more graceful and controlled. Eric Franklin based it on the principle of ideokinesis – a way of thinking that uses mental imagery to imagine how the different parts of your body work and move. Eric Franklin’s books include beautiful illustrations that explain how the body moves in a way that's imaginative and easy to understand. For example, if you imagine that your hip joints work like a fan it’s easier to see how to fluently move your legs. Imagining a string that goes from your pelvis to the top of your head will help to correct your posture. It's little visualisations like this totally transform how you move! By using this way of thinking while doing special exercises you can improve your flexibility, balance and coordination. This has many positive physical and mental effects. As a result, The Franklin Method is taught all over the world and is used in the healthcare system in Eric Franklin’s nativeSwitzerland.

How Can It Help Me?

Learning the Franklin Method can help to:

  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Improve and retain flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Release muscle and joint tension
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase mental and physical confidence
  • Improve your performance in dance, yoga, Pilates and sports

The Franklin Method will give you an understanding of how your body works. This is particularly useful for people with chronic pain or injuries. The Franklin Method will give you insight into how best to protect your body without limiting yourself. 

Using Exercise Equipment for the Franklin Method

Many of the exercises in the Franklin Method can be done using just your body. However, it’s much like Pilates – you can achieve better results using special equipment. The most used type of equipment is the Franklin Ball, which is a lot like a Pilates ball. It will help you to practise dynamic alignment, giving you a safe way to increase your range of movement. These balls also provide myofascial release, gently massaging your muscles and releasing knots and tension. We stock three different types of Franklin Method ball – each one is for treating a different area of your body.