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Beurer MG90 Tapping Massager


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  1. Dual Head Tapping Massager with Infrared Heat
  2. Eases muscle tension and promotes relaxation with percussion massage technology
  3. LED indicator with 4 massage programs, adjustable speed and intensity
  4. Uses rhythmic tapotement from Shiatsu and Swedish massage
  5. Non-slip handle with soft-touch chrome finish

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Pure relaxation from Neck to Toe with the Beurer MG90 Tapping Massager

Do you love getting a massage but find the treatment costly and time consuming? Perhaps you want to recreate that feeling of relaxation at home, but don’t know the movements and techniques your practitioner performs? With the Beurer MG90 tapping massager you no longer have to minimize your to-do-list or take the day off; you can achieve a professional quality massage any time, any place.

Beurer’s percussion massagers are developed to simulate the rhythmic tapping (tapotement) used in Shiatsu and Swedish massage, without the hassle of finding a reliable, at times expensive masseuse. Using this powerful handheld massager you can give yourself and others a soothing, effective massage with no help required. The long non-slip handle allows you to work your neck, back and shoulders, or any other muscular area that may feel stiff or sore.

Never had a massage before? Relax!

Beurer MG90 Tapping Massager

Perhaps you’re stressed out and need a break, but hate the idea of lying topless on a table, with a complete stranger! If that sounds more like a visit to the doctor than a relaxing hour of ‘me’ time – the Beurer MG90 Tapping Massager will put you back in control of the massage experience. With its adjustable heat, speed, positioning and nodular settings you can instantly relive aches and pains at a strength that suits you, all from the comfort of your own home!

How does massage help me?

From back ache to emotional tension, massage therapy is used to relieve pain and promote health and well-being. The manipulation of soft tissue helps treat symptoms associated with a host of clinical conditions; these include pregnancy and postoperative pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, multiple sclerosis, spinal injury and chronic fatigue. Massage therapy can even reduce blood pressure and heart rate whilst increasing your natural flow of endorphins (the body’s feel-good painkillers).

Asides from improved range of motion, the largest and most commonly reported effects of massage therapy are a decrease in anxiety, depression and cortisol (stress hormones) - similar in magnitude to those of psychotherapy!

How is tapping massage or ‘tapotement’ (percussion) different to regular massage?

Massaging using a tapping motion is a very simple and renowned method that’s applied through temperate strokes with the fingers, thumbs or palms. The pressure applied is gentle but uses sufficient intensity to produce a slightly hollow sound against the skin. What’s great about the tapotement technique, is that it can be used to achieve both therapeutic relaxation, as well as a feeling of invigoration.

So how does the Beurer MG 90 work?

The Beurer MG90 imitates the movements of percussion massage to stimulate your skin and muscle reflexes. Oscillating with up to 3000 strokes per minute, Beurer’s dual-head design deeply penetrates the skin, providing instant relief to tensed layers of tissue and muscle and aiding the natural healing process.

The portable and versatile unit lets you massage yourself standing, sitting and lying down, or (if you’re feeling generous) you can massage someone else! For a heating sensation, the infrared setting can be used at any time, to warm the surface of the skin and promote circulation in the affected area. The MG90’s massage speed is adjustable as required and its LED backlit function indicator lets you chose between 4 different massage programs:

Beurer MG90 Tapping Massager Percussion Massage

  • Start: Initial/ automatic setting
  • Relax: A wave-action, relaxing massage.
  • Refresh: Vibrant and pulsating massage.
  • Active: Penetrating and pulsating massage.

As tapping massage is designed to be relaxing or energising, Beurer have also created interchangeable attachments to offer extra versatility to your massage. The unit is supplied with four heads of varying style nodule; from reflexology to acupressure, you can recreate the invigorating effects of percussion that reduce sleepiness and fatigue.

With the assistance of their modern, high quality products, Beurer are the ideal companion to advance your relaxation. Thanks to their great commitment to massage and over 95 years’ experience in health and well-being, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with Beurer.

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SKU / Product Code 10491

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My husband often has back problems Review by Judy
Product Rating
My husband often has back problems due to his work/sporting activity and if I give him a massage I can only do so for 5 mins or so before my hands are sore as his muscle tone is so good. He likes a deep massage to 'feel' it and I just can't seem to get into the muscles the way he likes to feel any benefits and realse the muscle knots that he finds painful.
I didn't find the instructions very helpful, but now that we have used the device about 30 times, I must say that I find the massager is really great for my husband. .
He finds the massage very relaxing, especially when I combine with the heat therapy module. We have tried other programmes, but this by far for him is the best. The different massage styles (varying strength of knocking and the intensity of vibration) are all fully adjustable, and I like it on a light setting. I could not tolerate the intensity of massage that I use on my husband, it is just too deep and powerful for me, but on a lighter treatment mode I enjoy it, and like him, I like the combination of massage and heat for a relaxing treatment..
I am not sure I would use it for self massage, as I find it bulky and heavy - but we are lucky that we use it on each other. When using the tapping function I don't press too hard because it is very intense. For us, this is a great massager but I could image it would too powerful for some, the tapping massage is invaluable to home physio treatments for us we love it. (Posted on 12 March 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
P O W E R F U L Review by Sheils
Product Rating
Sadly I had to give this to my husband, it was just too powerful for me, I bought an infrared massager instead. The tapping is very powerful and very deep the kind that my hubby likes so we kept it because he loved it so much. So I would say if you like a deep massage then this is for you, or if you looking for relaxation and relief of back pain then opt for an infrared one. This is the one I bought (Posted on 21 April 2015)
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Excellent Review by UKIP Sam
Product Rating
Excellent massager, delighted with this purchase. (Posted on 8 May 2015)
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