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Beurer MG55 Tapping Massager with Infrared Light Therapy

  1. Powerful hand-held 'tapping' massager with infrared light therapy to reach deeper levels of tissue and muscles
  2. Percussion massager with varying intensity for effective home massage
  3. 3 interchangeable massage attachments enable faster healing
  4. Infinitely variable massage intensity for your personal comfort
  5. To loosen and relax tight muscles working deep in the muscle tissue - highly effective

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Don't ‘tap out’ to tension, target tight muscles with the Beurer MG 55 Tapping Massager with added infrared lamp therapy function for a really effective home treatment

Beurer MG55 Tapping Massager

Struggling to get to those hard to reach places that are tight and sore? Do you try and reach but you’re not quite there? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a machine that would do all the work for you and smooth out those tight knots?

Beurer have designed a powerful hand-held home massage machine that features a deep, penetrating tapping massage to aid uncomfortable tight muscles, leaving you feeling relaxed, and your muscles loosened.

Beurer are the brand of the century for health and well-being; internationally supplying customers with high quality and effective products that will benefit you holistically.

The shape of the massage handle is designed to minimise discomfort and to help you reach those tricky areas. The massager also has an infrared function to help diminish pain, warm up the body and promote circulation to the targeted area.

The Beurer MG 55 comes with three interchangeable heads that you can use to maximise your comfort and soothe those tight knots. It also features a non-slip handle - so if you are massaging your back like our model in the picture it is easy to keep hold of!

So what is tapping massage and how will it benefit me?

Beurer MG55 Adjustable Intensity

Tapping massage is really rather unique, and tapping massage differs from other 'vibrational' massagers. By using this technique the user will find that it:

  • Relieves muscle aches and stiffness
  • Improves blood circulation - and improved circulation brings oxygenated blood to the area speeding recover and preventing pain
  • Relieves tension and stress
  • Relieves fatigue and tiredness to muscles
  • Promotes relaxation.

This tapping massager has a dial control, so you can control the intensity that is right for you at all times.

Enjoy the benefits of Tapping Massage with an infrared lamp heat - a relaxing combination for exceptional results!

Beurer MG55 Heat Function

Massaging is vital for good health; directly massaging the muscular system allows muscles to stretch, decreases tension and restores muscles after exercise. Massaging regularly enables muscles to be more flexible and reduces stiffness in muscles that can lead to muscle cramps.

Don't forget too that the tapping massage, combined with the heat really help the muscle by improving circulation.

Infrared light therapy when directed to painful, inflamed and sore places helps to dramatically increases circulation, reduce inflammation and promote healing. Light therapy from the infrared lamp causes the body to release of nitric oxide, which improves blood flow in the treatment area.

This boost in blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to injured, aching tissues, resulting in faster healing and it also reduces pain and inflammation.

 And there's a choice of massage head to use with this massager - so you get the best treatment possible on any area of your body.

Beurer MG55 Tapping Massager Heads

If you are immobile or experience difficulty moving, you are likely to find you have poor circulation – signs to watch out for include lack of sensation in your fingers and toes (or ‘pins and needles’), feeling cold and unable to get warm and even a blue tinge to your hands and feet - massaging improves the poor circulation by developing and encouraging the blood flow.

Team up with Beurer to get instant relief.

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SKU / Product Code 10411
Programmes Dial control for adjustable function for personal comfort & preference.
Brand Beurer
Recommended For For relaxing and loosening tight muscles, infrared light therapy, improving circulation - tapping massage reaches deeper layers of tissue and muscles aiding the natural healing process
Included Contents 1 x Beurer MG55 Tapping Massager with infrared lamp, 3 x Interchangeable Massage Heads and 1 Instruction Manual
Power UK Mains 20 w
Warranty 3 Years manufacturers warranty
User Manual View and/or Download the Beurer MG55 Tapping Massager User Manual
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Great massager for muscle cramps Review by SBJ81
Product Rating
Tapping or percussion massage should not be used on bone, it is not comfortable, but on muscle it is by far the best, far preferable to vibrational massage, and the infrared function improves circulation and relaxes even further. This is quite a big massager maybe too bulky for smaller hands, but for me it is perfect. I also like to use the weight of the unit to give the necessary pressure when massaging. I have found that percussion massage is the best way to solve my annoying muscle cramps, it works beautifully . This device replaced my old Beurer MG 40 which had an old rotating head.
As with most devices like this the infrared function takes some time to heat to its max. That's not bad, its just how it is. The knob that adjusts the speed of the massage head allows a good variety of intensity. Tapping massage a so much stronger than vibration and this coupled with the infra red gives it a clear advantage over a normal vibrational massager. (Posted on 30 January 2015)
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Significant improvement Review by Raiza
Product Rating
I bought this unit because of my acute neck tension, which then triggered strong migraines. I have a number of spinal/back problems following whiplash injury and this all seems to stem from that.
The massager is easy to use and much quieter than a hairdryer. The vibration level, (tapping effect) can be adjusted with a knob wheel during use, increasing and decreasing intensity as required. After 10 minutes of use pain and tension is spirited away and it has resulted in a significant improvement in my back/neck problems. No more migraines either. (Posted on 26 January 2015)
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Fairly Effective Review by TTK
Product Rating
This product is only 20W of power. A wattage of 25W-30W will make it effective enough.
Also, the attachment does not protrude out enough to enable it to be effective for body areas with some fat flesh. (Posted on 2 April 2017)
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