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Beurer FB50 Multi-Functional Luxury Foot Spa

  1. Luxury foot spa with magnetic field therapy and infrared lights for deep relaxation
  2. Automatic water heating with five temperature levels and treatment timer
  3. Bubble and vibration massage functions with LED display
  4. Removable roller attachments for foot reflex massage
  5. Three interchangeable pedicure attachments

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The most luxurious Foot Bath ever!

Beurer FB50 Close Up

Combining five temperature levels of water heating, massage therapy, magnetic field application and pedicure, the Beurer FB50 Relax Foot Bath provides a spa-standard foot treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home!

Choose from vibration and bubble functions, or combine the two for a really intense foot massage that will to get blood pumping throughout the feet. By boosting circulation you can relieve aches and pains, reduce inflammation and improve flexibility, which is perfect after a long day on your feet.

Removable roller attachments on the FB50 Foot Spa also allow you to enjoy stimulating reflex zone massage direct to the soles of your feet - targeting the exact points for a deeply effective relaxing treatment. Reflexology is the practise of applying pressure to key zones on the feet which result in beneficial effects on other areas of the body, so not only is this foot spa great for your feet, it can help heal the rest of your body too.

The Beurer FB50 Relax Foot Bath features six integrated magnets and eight infra-red light dots. Magnets are said to boost circulation and promote cell and tissue repair and renewal, whilst infra-red light has pain-relieving qualities and is known to help muscles relax too.

Let the Beurer FB50 Foot Spa revitalise your feet.

Buffing away corns, callouses and hard skin is easy because there are three interchangeable pedicure attachments. You can do this is one of two ways - either by soaking your feet in warm water which will help to soften skin or by using the foot bath without water. For added luxury and comfort the Beurer FB50 Relax Foot Bath has five heat settings - so you can select one that is perfect for you - and time your treatment too!

This foot spa’s sleek and sophisticated LED display and touch control pad allows you to select massage function, treatment time and temperature with ease. It has a splash guard to protect against spills, non-slip rubber feet and a cord winder for easy storage.

With a home spa treatment like this - your feet will be dancing for joy!

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SKU / Product Code 93167
Brand Beurer
Power UK Mains
Guarantee 3 Year Guarantee
User Manual View and/or Download the Beurer FB50 Multi-Functional Luxury Foot Spa User Manual
CE Approved Yes
Function Can Be Used For Dry Massage | Timer | Soothing Infrared Light Dots | Water Heating At 5 Levels (35 - 48°C) | Vibration Massage | Bubble Massage | Integrated Magnets For Magnetic Field Therapy
Size 50cm x 39cm x 22cm (20 Inches x 15.6 Inches x 8.8 Inches)
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Excellent, great heating feature - wont go cold like many! Review by DollyM
Product Rating
I seem to be an expert on foot spas because I did extensive research before buying this foot spa. I have bought previous ones, that are merely just replacements for bowls of water - what's the point!. I wanted a unit that heated, and increased the heat should I need it. I found they go cold so very quickly, not giving me adequate soaking/softening time. There is a variety of heat choices - 35 to 48 c. The addition of the massage helps my foot pain from arthritis. I have so far managed a 1 hour soak, that was absolute bliss, the pain relief, relaxation I enjoyed was exceptional. I cannot recommend this highly enough, no faults what so ever. (Posted on 10 July 2014)
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(25 of 27 people found this review helpful)
Top notch, ideal foot spa. Review by Nick
Product Rating
Top notch, ideal foot spa. Heats up with lots of temperature choices. Best foot spa bath around. Delighted.
Excellent customer service too! (Posted on 11 September 2014)
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Heats the water perfectly - lots of bells and whistles. Review by Paul72
Product Rating
I hunted around for lots of foot baths before deciding on this one. My main requirement was that I find a foot spa that heated the water, not just maintained the heat. This does all of that and more. I like it to heat to 42, my wife to 45 which is too hot for me, but she suffers badly with poor circulation and cold feet so it with absolute delight that I recommend it. (Posted on 12 December 2014)
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Total blissful relaxing experience! Review by Nazo
Product Rating
I was utterly impressed with the foot spa! I used straight away when i received it & i can honestly say i felt so relaxed afterwards and my feet just felt so lighter! I'm diabetic so have circulation problems. I also have nasty blue and purple veins all over my legs so i needed something to boost blood circulation in my feet. I've been using the foot bath with dissolved Epsom salts & honestly my feet feel so much better and i don't feel so tired anymore!
Best product I've invested in & its worth every penny!
I sit with it for an hour and the water stays warm throughout that's the best part of it! (Posted on 11 October 2016)
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(7 of 7 people found this review helpful)
Overall I'm glad I invested in the foot bath though with one quibble Review by Anna-Lou
Product Rating
Both my husband and I used this foot bath which we found helpful. I have neuropathy in my feet as a result of chemotherapy and after 20 minutes using the foot bath my feet felt less numb. Of course it's not a cure, but it was nice to have sentient feet for a few hours. The water stayed hot and the bubbles were pleasant. Rolling ones feet along the rollers on the base of the bath is stimulating. I found the appliances in the centre of the bath difficult to use as they are not positioned in a place where one's foot can easily access all the parts one would like. Overall though I am pleased with the produce and glad I invested in it. (Posted on 6 September 2017)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Relaxation Review by Susi
Product Rating
This is incredible
I actually fall asleep when i havd the massage and bubbles on
Best purchase ever
I had a foit injury almost 1yr ago and have poor circulation wich is improving (Posted on 22 May 2018)
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Just Lovely!! Review by Sarah
Product Rating
What a fabulous foot spa, keeps nice and hot for me (temp you can control to your desire) lovely bubble and vibration, leaves my feet feeling soft, healthy and refreshed.
I look forward to getting home from work to my own luxury foot spa when ever I choose :)
I was hoping those grey massage rollers worked automatically but you have to move your feet forwards and backwards to work, hence 4 star not 5, but hey I'm not complaining, super!! (Posted on 24 May 2018)
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Is it ok to put Epsom salts in this food spa or will it block it up?
My partner has T1 diabetes and suffers with very sensitive feet. Is this spa ok for him to use?
Will this foot spa be suitable for my Husband to use he wears size 13 shoes?
I have varicus veins could this help with the circulation? Also I get a lot of upper leg problems muscle orientated could this help?
can anyone tell us if this is fitted with a uk 3 pin plug ,or is a adaptor needed.thanks
Hello, does it come with a UK 3 pin plug please
thank you
Good Morning. I have rather silly question, but I feel I need to ask. Is this pumice attachment might be bought if the previous one will be completely used or broken ?
Do the massage bits move or do you have to roll your feet over them to massage your feet?