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Best Choice Rhodiola - Capsules

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  1. Rhodiola supplements capsules to combat fatigue, prevent cold and flu symptoms and strengthen immune system
  2. Contains rhodiola root that increases energy to improve endurance and stamina
  3. Rhodiola root helps the body adapt to and resist physical, chemical and environmental stress
  4. Contains 400mg of rhodiola root extract in one capsule
  5. 60 capsules

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Ancient medicine doesn’t have to be a thing of the past; Best Choice Rhodiola will relieve symptoms of stress to help you get on with your day

When you’re feeling a little stressed, it feels like everything falls on you at once; this can make you feel low, not in control, exhausted and in some cases you can fall unwell. You’re unable to exercise because you simply don’t have the time, and even if you can squeeze in a quick 45 minutes, you are either disappointed with your lack of endurance and that “day after” feeling from the gym is more agonising than ever before. Wouldn’t it be handy if there were something that boosts our strength for when we need it most and avoiding those high sugar energy drinks?  Back in the day, Vikings were dependent on rhodiola root as an enhancement to increase their physical and mental strength for when they sailed the oceans. Now, who wouldn’t want to feel as strong as a Viking?

Rhodiola root is extremely popular for treating illnesses; the Chinese named the plant as “the golden root” which they used for medicinal preparations. In central Asia, people would brew the rhodiola root as a tea as an effective treatment to get rid of the cold and flu. You can put away those Lemsip sachets and replace your medicine drawer with a jar of these to protect yourself from those nasty viruses!

Rhodiola benefits stretch further than relieving cold and flu symptoms

Rhodiola root is a potent adaptogen; adaptogens are found in plant substances that help to increase the body’s non-specific resistance and help to maintain the normal functions in the body. So when we fall into stressful situations, using rhodiola root supplements will help our physiology to handle the stressful situation in a more capable manner, by strengthening the nervous system, fighting depression and improve energy levels.

Are you finding it difficult to find the motivation to exercise? The rhodiola supplement helps to increase energy, stamina, strength and athletic performance; the perfect boost you need to help you move more and burn some calories. But a strenuous work out means a strenuous recovery doesn’t it? Not with rhodiola root!

Do you dread that “day after” the gym feeling? That excruciating burn in your thighs when you try to get out of bed in the morning goes on for multiple days, stopping you from returning to the gym, making simple tasks like walking up the stairs painful? Rhodiola root benefits your muscles as studies have shown that the extract can actually shorten the recovery time after prolonged workouts. The supplement has an anti-toxic action and increases the attention span, strength and memory of your muscles. The supplements will increase the level of enzymes and proteins that are essential for muscle recovery after exercise.

Never lose another day over stress again; feel vigorous with Best Choice Rhodiola.

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SKU / Product Code 10512
Brand Best Choice

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v good Review by Mum of 3
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I suffered from hot flushes on and off for 12 years, in 2014 I could no longer take HRT and the flushes became unbearable, with profuse sweating, I was recommended Rhodiola by a herbalist and it has been an absolute miracle, I had tried so many herbal remedies. My hot flushes have all but gone - I have very few new and the ones I get a minor to the ones I was having. I see it is mainly used for stress related conditions, but maybe my body was under stress that what was causing the flushes. (Posted on 14 May 2015)
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