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Balance Activ Conceive Fertility Gel


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  1. Sperm-friendly lubricant
  2. Improves the chances of conceiving
  3. Increases sperm motility
  4. Light, non-sticky texture
  5. 6 single-use applicator tubes

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Balance Activ Conceive Fertility Gel can give you a little helping hand with starting your family.

1 in 6 couples experience difficulty trying to conceive. 200,000 couples in the UK have been trying for 6 months or longer to have a baby. There is only a window of 5-7 days each month where a woman’s egg can be fertilized, so it’s important to maximise your chances of conceiving within this short time.

Many women who have been struggling to become pregnant report that they experience vaginal dryness. Often this is down to stress; the more you worry about getting pregnant, the less relaxed you feel when it comes to making love with your partner. Dryness inhibits the motility of the sperm, making it more difficult for it to reach the egg. To combat this many couples use lubricants, but clinical studies have found that many ordinary lubricants can cause sperm to clump together, which makes it harder for it to reach the egg.

This is because many lubricants tend to unbalance the naturally acidic pH level of the vagina which helps maintain a healthy flora of good bacteria to keep infection at bay. If a lubricant increases the pH levels bad bacteria can thrive and infection can occur, which can cause irritation of cervical mucus and create an unwelcoming environment for sperm. Other factors such as excess washing or using tampons can lead to vaginal infection, so it’s important to maintain your vaginal health as much as possible to maximise your chances of conception.

Sperm friendly lubricants, designed to be pH balanced and to help maintain the correct osmolality of cervical mucus, are often recommended to couples who are having difficulty conceiving. Balance Activ Fertility is a unique sperm-friendly lubricant which has an added benefit; it contains Hyaluronic acid. HA is naturally present in the vagina and cervical fluid and is proven to combat low sperm motility and create an environment suitable to store sperm until ovulation happens.

Balance Activ Fertility has a light, non-sticky consistency which makes it feel really soft and natural, perfect for increasing sensation and intimacy between you and your partner. Each pack contains 6 single-use applicator tubes; this makes it easy to hygienically apply the optimum dosage, and it means the lubricant can be directed exactly where it’s needed, towards the cervix to optimise the flow of sperm towards the egg.

For the best results use one applicator tube prior to intercourse on the six most fertile days of your cycle. To help you keep track of your cycle you might want to try Cycle Beads, the simple and natural way to discover your most fertile days and increase your chances of conception.

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SKU / Product Code 92611
Brand Balance Activ

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it works Review by Spyglass_guest
Product Rating
This product seems to help however when it arrived there was only 6 weeks left on the use-by date. seems too short for it to be recently manufactured product (Posted on 23 April 2016)
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(0 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Not for me Review by BabyMadMaddy
Product Rating
I have used this and the Yes Baby lubricant, I like the Yes baby better because it has the pH balancing lubricant to add AFTER intercourse, to bring the pH levels back to a safe level. (Posted on 27 January 2016)
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can the balance active conceive gel use on pennis or best use to insert into cervix or even further insert into vagina area for best result?
Hi I just want to ask I diagnosed first time pid and I had injection in bum so that I can fertie because I want another kid. If I got pid first time will there be high chance in pregnant will this really work to conceived quickly with my partner who I am in relationship with.. thanks sorry just wanted to ask because I do want another baby in future we been trying for it