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Rio Amazon Yerba Maté Teabags

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  1. Yerba Mate Tea for maintaining a healthy body weight, stimulating the body and antioxidant properties
  2. Tastes delicious & improves health & energy
  3. Known to curb appetite - loved by slimmers
  4. Full of nutrients & antioxidants: Vit A, C & E
  5. Boosts the immune system protecting against mental and physical fatigue

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Yerba Maté Tea is a simple and delicious way to improve your health and energy day by day.

This beautiful tea should become part of the daily ritual for anyone interested in maintaining optimum health. Across the whole of South America millions of men, women and children know Yerba Maté, a species of holly tree, as a simple and effective way of staying in peak condition. Besides being refreshing and stimulating, Maté is packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants: vitamins A, C and E in particular, and many of the vitamins in the B complex.

Many people use Yerba Mate as an aid to weight loss as it has several effects that can help dieting. Studies have shown that Yerba Mate is a thermogenic, meaning that it burns fat,and it has also been known to be an appetite suppressant. It also acts as an antioxidant so it can help to cleanse your body of unhealthy toxins, and it aids digestion so that your body gets the most out of its food, which is really important for healthy weight loss.

Other potential health benefits of drinking Yerba Mate is that it reduces high blood pressure, strengthens the heart as a result of its high theophylline content, boosts the immune system and relieves allergies and sinusitis.

Clinical trials suggest that Yerba Mate can reduce depression and social anxiety, so it could really help to improve your mental well-being as well your physical health. It is also said to stimulate the mind to help to keep you alert and improve concentration without causing insomnia like other caffeine based drinks.

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SKU / Product Code 9404
Brand Rio Amazon

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Excellent natural non Caffeen boost Review by Lulu555
Product Rating
I have always had a problem with feeling tired in the afternoons due to medication and have been looking for a natural caffeine boost unsuccessfully TILL NOW! I have 3 cups in the morning and this keeps me alert throughout the day! very happy with the result, no idea about the slimming side as very early days but this isn't why I bought it :) Thankfully it isn't a diuretic so no loose bowel movements like in some other teas!!! I would recommend this to anyone with a problem keeping alert but don't want to rely on Coffee etc... FYI.... It isn't a Delicious cup as stated in the previous report but its palatable! a small teaspoon of coconut oil makes a huge improvement! (Posted on 7 February 2014)
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(1 of 2 people found this review helpful)
refreshing, doesn't leave me with 'coffee breath' or leave my wee smelling strong. Review by PenzancePrincess
Product Rating
I discovered Yerbe mate tea when I went on a detox plan several months ago. I needed to ditch coffee because I was consuming too much (10+ cups a day) and I was just frazzled. I love the smokeyness of this blend, it is refreshing, doesn't leave me with 'coffee breath' or leave my wee smelling strong. I lost 2 stones in weight on my detox and I am sure that continuing with the tea has helped me to keep the weight off, and keep my body and mind more balanced. Wouldn't be without it. (Posted on 19 February 2015)
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Love It! Review by Joe R
Product Rating
Its like a smoky green tea, very refreshing, cleansing and pleasant to drink. Give me an energy lift - without caffeine! (Posted on 18 May 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Good Review by GlitterX
Product Rating
Quite refreshing, better than green team which I find has too much tannin for my taste that leaves a metal taste. Very pleasant, will buy again. (Posted on 10 December 2015)
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Impressive alternative to coffee Review by John H, Walton on Thames
Product Rating
I tried this herbal tea after sampling one from one of my friends (who is on a coffee free week), it is great! I too am a coffee drinker (far too much - at least 4 cups a day) and wanted to start substituting a herbal alternative. Well, I haven't had a coffee since my first cup of yerba mate this morning so I wonder if caffeine is addictive. I leave the teabag in the cup and it tastes good to the last drop. Very impressed - especially when I read it is an appetite suppressant. I certainly need THAT! (Posted on 4 June 2013)
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Product Questions

How much Theophylline is in a strong cup of this product compared to caffeine, etc.? I am seeing a Yerba Mate that is very high in Theophylline. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!