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Wristech Talking Blood Pressure Monitor


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  1. Easy to use, fully automatic wrist blood pressure monitor that automatically tells you your blood pressure and heart rate
  2. Features large, easy-to-read LCD display and talking results feature for anybody visually impaired
  3. Has a 60 memory capacity for you to monitor progress and trends in your health
  4. Provided with carry case for storage and travel and fully adjustable cuff for accurate blood pressure reading
  5. Clinically tested measuring system

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SKU: 10136

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Possibly the easiest blood pressure monitor ever and it tells you your heart rate too! Keep track of your health with the Wristech Talking Blood Pressure Monitor easily at home - stress free!

Do you want a quick and easy way track your own blood pressure measurements in the relaxed comfort of your? Do you struggle with reading small screens? Let the Wristech Talking Blood Pressure Monitor read out your blood pressure measurement in clear audio. The measurement is also displayed on the easy to read LCD display too.

If you have high blood pressure you will be advised to monitor it so that you can avoid conditions like heart disease and strokes. The complications of high blood pressure cause many deaths per year so by tracking your levels you are doing yourself a big favour! Low blood pressure symptoms like nausea and fainting can also have a big effect on your life - by resting when your blood pressure goes below 90/60 you can avoid unpleasant episodes.

The large display is simple to read, showing clearly the Systolic reading (at the top of the screen, for force of blood being pushed from the heart) and Diastolic reading (on the bottom of the screen for rest between heartbeats). It also displays blood pulse. Using the oscillometric method of measuring blood pressure, the Wristech Talking Blood Pressure Monitor gives fast results with clinically proven accuracy. The monitor provides results for blood pressure within 3 mmHg and a pulse accuracy of 95%.

This Wristech Talking Blood Pressure Monitor uses oscillometric measurement - that is an electronic pressure sensor with a numerical readout of blood pressure. When fitted over the wrist (just like a wrist watch) lift the wrist to heart height) once it starts to record the blood flow the results are monitored and relayed back to you via the talking read out, this is also recorded on screen for your visual guide as well. The cuff measures 13.5 cm (5.3 ins) to 19.5 cm (7.7 ins) to fit most wrists. The cuff uses a pressure range of 0 to 300 mmHg, a blood pressure range of 20 to 280 mmHg and measures pulse between 40 and 160 beats per minute. The LCD display can show up to 60 readings so you can track your progress and trends for your blood pressure - with this easy to use wrist blood pressure monitor - the readings should get better and better!  The Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor with Irregular Heartbeat Detector will automatically shut off around 2 minutes after the reading.

Why use an electronic wrist blood pressure monitor rather than an upper arm blood pressure monitor?

You'll find that a wrist blood pressure monitor is sensitive to body position so it is always advisable to ensure that your arm and wrist is at chest or heart level. Users will find that a wrist blood pressure monitor may record a slightly higher blood pressure measurement compared to one that is used on the upper arm. This is because wrist arteries are narrower, and not as deep under the skin as they are on the upper arm.

Most of the time it is down to personal choice, but some people cannot use an upper arm blood pressure monitor. - this is easy to use - slip it on, take a reading, listen to the results and get on with your day! Those with mobility issues may find it easier to use a monitor on the wrist rather than struggling to get the cuff onto the upper arm. Others find their upper arm is too large or they find the inflated cuff is too painful to use. The talking feature of this blood pressure monitor is ideal for those who want to monitor at night, or those with poor vision.

As with any blood pressure reading taken at home, there will always be a difference between a home reading and that taken in your Doctors office or at the Health Centre. At home you will be more relaxed and should be able to keep a close eye on your blood pressure to understand more about how it affects your well-being, and also as a way to keep blood pressure levels within a healthy range.

Home-testing monitors are not designed as a replacement for professional opinion, instead they offer you the user the chance to be proactive in your health and monitor and track your progress. Using something as stress-free and easy as this talking blood pressure monitor is exactly what you need to lower your stress levels because using it is so ridiculously easy! Don't be daunted - take charge of your health  by monitoring at home. You'll enjoy better health by monitoring and managing at home!

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SKU / Product Code 10136
Brand North American Healthcare

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Easy to use Review by Vero48
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Very easy to use and set up, I didn't want anything too complicated. and too many button, just to know I was going in the right direction. This works fine for me and I am recognising what foods and situations contribute to my blood pressure. I want to avoid taking statins if possible. (Posted on 14 September 2015)
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