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Portable Bidet

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  1. Easy to use portable bidet toilet seat for intimate hygiene fits all toilets & bedside commodes
  2. No fixing required - portable bidet seat fits over any existing toilet or commode
  3. Get completely clean, avoid dryness & irritation from over-wiping for haemorrhoids, post natal & pelvic surgery
  4. Restore freshness & discover why people in Europe and the Middle East prefer to use a bidet after toileting
  5. Much easier for the elderly, very young and those with mobility issues who can’t wipe

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SKU: 11772

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This Portable Bidet Toilet Seat will leave you cleaner and fresher than ever before after toileting, and helps the user to avoid unnecessary over wiping and soreness

Most of our Continental neighbours have bidets in their bathrooms; these little sit-down sinks make it quick and easy to wash your intimate areas after using the toilet. They are far more hygienic than just using toilet paper as they offer a far cleaner result than just wiping. A bidet is also a much better option for people with conditions such as haemorrhoids and piles or for women recovering from childbirth - you can clean yourself while avoiding the irritation and pain that often results from using toilet paper.  

Bidets are growing in popularity in the UK as people use them overseas and experience for themselves how much more convenient and pleasant they are. However, it is still very rare to find a bathroom that has one, and getting your own bidet installed is expensive. Even if you are willing to shell out to get a bidet installed, most houses in the UK have been designed with bathrooms that have no room for a bidet to be put in.

Wellys have an easy and quick solution to this, with their handy and affordable toilet seat bidet. It can be placed onto any standard toilet seat, creating a sink that can be filled up with water and used to wash. There is even a soap holder incorporated into the bidet so that you have everything you need to get fully clean. The clever design of this bidet seat includes a spout at the back so that if you accidentally overfill it any extra water will go directly into the toilet basin, preventing spills. Using a toilet with bidet is much more environmentally friendly than toilet paper and will save you money. Once you have experienced the ultra-clean feeling of using one you’ll never go back!

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SKU / Product Code 11772
Brand Wellys
Recommended For Washing your intimate area after using the toilet
Included Contents One Bidet
Material Plastic
Colour White
Size Bowl 24 x 30 cm (9.5 x 12 inches) / Rim: 35 x 38 cm (13.75 x 15 inches)

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Good Review by Mrs FD
Product Rating
I have a problem with the smearing of faeces that occurs when toileting, I find it physically revolting and this bidet is a life saver for me.
Every home should have one, so much more hygienic. I keep a plastic jug in my bathroom to fill it because I cant fill it in the bath, and this works well.
It also helps because I suffer vaginal atrophy and I find any paper drys out the delicate tissue even more. I wouldn't use a traditional bar of soap thou, instead preferring a liquid soap that is pH balanced and actually leaves a moisture barrier to prevent further dryness.
After us this can be packed away. Perfect. (Posted on 6 September 2016)
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Good Review by MoggyMax
Product Rating
Good bidet toilet seat, works well for me keeping my Mum clean after going to the loo. She uses a commode and cant get upstairs so this helps me to look after her properly. (Posted on 9 September 2016)
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