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Veinoplus VI Circulation Therapy

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  1. Clinically proven to reduce severity of varicose veins
  2. Stimulates calf muscles to help pump blood through legs
  3. Combines TENS & NMES to sooth pain and improve circulation
  4. Can help reduce fluid retention in lower legs, ankles and feet
  5. May help to stimulate healing process in people with leg ulcers

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Veinoplus VI can help you overcome painful and unsightly varicose veins which are caused by poor circulation in the lower legs.

Varicose veins occur when valves within them weaken and blood flows backwards, resulting in blood pooling and stretching the vein. People who spend lots of time standing, or alternatively who have reduced mobility and spend the majority of their time in a chair or wheelchair, are most at risk of circulatory problems in their legs and feet and therefore are more prone to varicose veins. Pregnancy, obesity and old age are also risk factors.

Veinoplus VI is a fast-acting method of circulation therapy which works to increase circulation throughout the calf muscles in order to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and promote recovery of varicose veins. The device delivers TENS pain relief and NMES muscle stimulation to the calf muscles via electrode pads.

TENS works by blocking pain signals from being sent from the nerves to the brain, which numbs pain without any nausea, drowsiness or other side effects which occur from pain relief drugs. Meanwhile, NMES works to contract and relax the calf muscles repeatedly.

It is this movement of the calf muscles which helps to pump blood up the legs and back towards the heart wherethe valves are too weak to maintain healthy blood flow. Veinoplus VI has been clinically proven to increase circulation and as result relieve existing varicose veins and reduces the risk of more forming.

This clinically proven and medically approved device provides treatment in 30 minute sessions before switching off automatically. Not only will Veinoplus VI provide relief from varicose veins, it can also help to reduce oedema (fluid retention) which is commonly associated with bad circulation. For people who are prone to leg ulcers too, Veinoplus VI can help; improving blood flow to a wounded area can speed up the healing process. Just make sure not to place the electrode pads directly over an open wound.

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SKU / Product Code 93059

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Definite improvement, stops the ache and I feel improves circulation. Review by Shirley
Product Rating
I have suffered with DVT in both legs since surgery on my spine.
I still get painfully swollen legs and whilst I try to rest them as much as possible and do everything I can with my diet and exercise to improve circulation I am still not 100%. I have been using this now for 4 weeks and I feel a noticeable improvement. It certainly has helped to reduce the pain and discomfort I feel after a long day on my feet. It is easy to use and I would recommend it. I haven't flown for a few years now and I am determined to improve my circulation so that I can once again take to the skies. (Posted on 28 July 2014)
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