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Valkee 2 Bright Light Headset SAD Light Treatment


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  1. Uses high level light therapy to relieve symptoms of seasonal effective disorder
  2. Directs light down ear canal and directly to the brain
  3. Faster treatment time than SAD lamps
  4. Small, lightweight and portable
  5. Clinically proven – 92% of users reported reduction in symptoms

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See the symptoms of SAD disappear with the new sleek and sophisticated Valkee 2.

Valkee is a revolutionary treatment which uses high intensity light therapy to alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) within just 4 weeks. It looks just like an mp3 player with earbuds which direct the light down your ear canal and directly to the photoreceptors in your brain.

Valkee 2 Bright Light Headset

The treatment Valkee 2 provides is far more effective than traditional SAD Lamps which are designed for the sufferer to sit directly in front of for up to an hour every day. With Valkee 2 treatment time is far quicker at just 8 minutes each day.

SAD is caused by a lack of light during winter months. Natural light is essential for a good mood, as it is responsible for creating healthy levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin. During winter the days are much shorter and our exposure to natural light is dramatically reduced as we tend to travel to and from work in the dark and spend most of our time indoors at work.

As a result of this our brains lack serotonin and we begin to feel depressed; this is Seasonal Affective Disorder. Symptoms include mood swings, anxiety, feeling reluctant to socialise, craving fatty and sugar foods, lacking energy and motivation and generally not feeling like yourself. Symptoms can vary from person to person, but for some people the condition is so severe that it becomes completely unbearable, and can occur from early October right through until late March, every single year.

Rather than treat SAD with antidepressants doctors recommend their patients use light therapy, and with Valkee 2 it couldn’t be easier to get your daily dose of light to lift your mood. In a clinical trial conducted in 2009 92% of SAD sufferers who tried Valkee reported a dramatic reduction in their symptoms within just 4 weeks when using the device for 8 minutes each day. Some satisfied Valkee users have even reported that their mood lifted after just one use.

Valkee 2 is a new and improved version of the original Valkee Bright Light Headset. It is carved from a solid block of aluminium, making it hardwearing and durable whilst remaining super lightweight and portable. The headset is now detachable, the earbuds have been ergonomically redesigned for optimum comfort, and the control button lights up to display how treatment time is left. Plus, the device looks utterly sleek and sophisticated.

So don’t put up with your dark mood every winter; try Valkee 2 and get back to your happy, normal self.

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SKU / Product Code 92702
Brand Valkee

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Valkee 2 Review Review by Jamilla K
Product Rating
I have used this for 2 weeks now, I know there is a lot of negativity about this product and quite a few blogs claiming that these light ear-buds can't work, but I do feel measurable better. By now I would usually be reaching for prescription medications so for me anything is a help. I am using this in conjunction with a SAD lamp that I have at home, so I am afraid I cannot narrow down specifically what is giving me this improvement, but something certainly is. Usually I would peak at about Christmas with the deepest of depressions, and as this has been kept in abeyance so far this year I am delighted. I feel that there are no tablets than can really help, they just mask the depression, but this added light seems to boost me beyond belief. I am Asian by birth and I wonder if the Northern hemisphere is not good for my body - I like to think this is natural solution to my winter blues which were really quite chronic. I also supplement with Vitamin B, C and D and Omega 3 during the darker months. (Posted on 21 November 2013)
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Although I am an adult, my ears will only take the very small ear buds for headphones. My concern would be that the light buds supplied are average size and as we all know one size does not fit all. Are there different sized buds available?
Where do I get new ear buds as mine are broken?
How many lux ?