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U-Derma Clear Skin Pen

  1. Small, compact device that uses light therapy for treating acne
  2. See amazing results from blue light acne treatment in just 24 hours
  3. To combat acne on the face with no chemicals needed
  4. Each application lasts just 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  5. Rechargeable via USB port

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Banish acne with the latest innovation - bright light treatment!

Suffering with acne can be really stressful, especially if particular face washes and creams irritate your skin and aggravate the acne that is already there, making it appear much worse than it already is. After all that searching for the right remedy, here it is! Blue light therapy for acne is the answer to all your acne worries.

Just stop and think for a second. How much money have you poured down the drain trying to find the perfect exfoliating, acne removing, face wash and moisturisers? If you’re unhappy with your skin it can become quite expensive searching for the right one. With the U-Derma, you only have to make one purchase and you will notice results within 24 hours!

Is it sounding too good to be true? Well here’s why you need to draw yourself into the light! U-Derma uses both blue light photo-therapy and heat therapy to eliminate pimples and impurities for clearer looking and smoother skin.  When bacteria causes impurities it infects the sebaceous glands; the glands then begin to produce excess sebum on the skin and form acne. The Blue Light Therapy eliminates the bacteria that cause these impurities. Then heat therapy simply dries the infected area leaving your skin free from acne – hurrah!

U-Derma is completely skin friendly and is an incredibly effective acne treatment; you will notice a difference to your skin within 24 hours of use! The device is very simple to use; each cycle should be applied to one pimple at a time:

This 3 stage acne treatment makes light work of unsightly, embarrassing acne spots and scars

1. Heating Mode

Press the ON/OFF button and the blue LED light will turn on. It will flash on and off for 30 seconds. Once this cycle of time has ended, the light from the head will light on and will be accompanied by a beep sound. It is now ready for action!

2. Treatment Mode

Press the ON/OFF button again and the device will flash a signal which will indicate that the treatment has begun. Place the head of the device directly onto the impurity or spot. Meanwhile the treatment is applied onto the spot the blue LED light will stay on. If you don’t press the button, the pen will give off 5 beep sounds within 5 seconds interval between each beep. After that time has finished the pen will turn off automatically, to restart the process again.

3. Finalization

After 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the device will emit a beep and the blue LED light will turn off and then will restart by flashing on and off again, this is your signal to move your pen onto another impurity or spot.

Once you have finished, wipe the head with slightly soaped cloth either soaped with water or alcohol to clean it thoroughly..

Never squeeze a spot again, thanks to the U-Derma Clear Skin Pen.

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SKU / Product Code 10680
Brand StressNoMore
Recommended For Home use acne treatment using light therapy.
Included Contents U-Derma Clear Skin Pen, USB Charger, Instruction Manual
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happy to recommend Review by Verity
Product Rating
Excellent results, my daughter was so tearful about her skin eruptions and this is a great product for her to use. It was a great price and she is taking control of her own treatment and getting great results so I feel happy to recommend it to others with tearful teens hitting the hormonal roller coaster of bad skin. (Posted on 7 August 2015)
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(4 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Excellent Product, Works For Me! Review by SB07
Product Rating
I deliberated before buying this item as I suffer with hormonal spots which stay with me for weeks. The cynic in me thought, ok another gimmick.

I had been suffering with the same spot reoccurring for a number of weeks and as well as being unsightly, it was quite painful. Anyhow, long story short, I used the U-Derma Clear Skin Pen for two days running and the spot cleared up. Absolutely amazing result.

Would I buy another? Without a doubt. (Posted on 6 August 2015)
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Bartholins Cyst treatment Review by CatMakesPlain9
Product Rating
A little unconventional but I used this on an infected Bartholins cyst where my bartholins gland gets blocked - excruciating pain.
This has been the only thing that works for me as I do not want to have the radical surgery to remove the Bartholins gland. (Posted on 4 July 2017)
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(0 of 1 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

In step 2, treatment mode, are you supposed to keep the pen on the spot after the initial five beeps and the blue light is flashing? Or, are you supposed to remove it until the flashing stops and then reapply to the same spot until step 3 is reached? Thank you
Tengo el aparato pero cuando lo uso lo pongo justo encima del granito, es así no??
pues empieza el calor muy fuerte pasados los 30 segundos, quema bastante y no acabo aguantando hasta los 2.30 seg.No se que hago mal.