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Adjustable Healthy Sleep Mask

  1. Silky sleep mask to block out the light for total relaxation and restful healthy sleep
  2. Bamboo eye mask helps you achieve 'deep sleep' with no light interference
  3. 100% Eco product, adjustable strap hold it firmly & comfortable in place.
  4. Additional silky section to block out light around under eyes, presented in a beautiful presentation box, ideal gift
  5. Keeps your biorhythm in balance with healthy sleep

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Sleep well wherever you are with the Treets Bamboo Sleep Mask

This soft, black coloured Bamboo Sleep Mask helps to block out light, keeping your biorhythm in balance as you go to sleep. Perfect if you do not have black out curtains, or you are travelling or camping. This total darkening eye mask helps you get a relaxing and restful sleep.

The cover is made from bamboo fibres, naturally bacteria repellent and softer than cotton. It has an adjustable headband and soft filling, making it comfortable fit for everyone. The Treets Bamboo Sleep Mask is presented in a beautiful box and wrapped in purple tissue paper, so it would be an ideal gift for a loved one.

Why your body will benefit from a total 'black-out' when you sleep!

Dr Mercola - on-line health guru says 'Sleep in complete darkness, or as close to it as possible.

Apparently even the tiniest glow from your clock radio could be interfering with your natural sleep pattern, so cover your clock radio up at night or get rid of it altogether. Move all electrical devices at least three feet away from your bed. You may want to cover your windows with drapes or blackout shades, or wear an eye mask when you sleep.'

Deep sleep is one of the most important sleep phases as this is when your body repairs and regenerates itself, and more importantly, when your immune system is strengthened. The more time you can spend in the crucial deep sleep phase during the night, the more refreshed you’ll feel in the morning. Your Treets Bamboo Sleep Mask is perfect for the most effective of deep sleep - forget curtains, black out blinds and covering your clock radio - this sleep mask is all you need.

This is one healthy change you can make to your life RIGHT NOW! Sleep tight!

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SKU / Product Code 93090
Brand Treets
Recommended For No-light eye mask for healthy 'deep sleep' proven to have amazing health benefits
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Best sleep mask EVER! Review by Carol
Product Rating
Beautifully packaged (I received this as a Mothersday gift) the box is lilac and inside the mask is wrapped in a lilac tissue paper. The mask itself is double layered for maximum light restriction, with a comfort piece at the base to stop the light shining upwards. The elastic straps are fully adjustable and there are two for a good fit.
By far the best sleep mask I have ever had - certainly compared to the thin ones available on flights (last one I had was a Virgin mask after flying business class and it was so thin the light shone through - didn't think that Richard Branson would be impressed with that one at all!)
Top quality sleep mask, if you are looking for a serious light filter, comfortable sleep mash etc. Love it! (Posted on 31 March 2015)
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Really love this, best nights sleep ever. Would highly recommend. Review by MantellM
Product Rating
I read on line about the benefits of total black out during sleep and it was reading about sleep mask benefits that convinced to get this and give it a go. I have an alarm clock, that does dim when the lights are out, but not enough, I have to put my book over the screen to dampen out the light. We also have large floor to ceiling windows that because of their size cannot have curtains or black out blinds (we didn't want them anyway because we want to enjoy the view). I am amazed how well I sleep with this sleep mask, I did wonder if it would irritate me but quite the opposite. I tried others, they were thin and flimsy, some too are too see through so be careful what you go for. The silkiness of the fabric means that it doesn't pull my skin and it is easy to wear with two adjustable straps for perfect fitting, you don't want gaps where light can creep in underneath.
Really love this, best nights sleep ever. Would highly recommend. (Posted on 9 April 2015)
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Sleep Mask Review by Shona
Product Rating
Totally sold on this silky smooth sleep mask. It is comfortable, doesn't ride off over night and it blocks out all the light really comfortably. I feel I've had my best sleep ever with this mask.

Highly recommended. (Posted on 3 October 2017)
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Silky eye mask Review by Cal Berry
Product Rating
Very comfortable to use, total block out and nice and silky so it doesn't drag on my skin. Fab. (Posted on 15 March 2018)
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Product Questions


I recently bought two of these masks in the Netherlands, and one of them seems to be a slightly older version.
One of them has two straps on the back, and the other (the one I prefer) has one wide strap. According to the reviews the one you sell has two straps, but do you possibly also stock the version with one strap?

Kind regards, Anna