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Treets Buckwheat Pillow

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  1. Naturally cooling pillow supports head, neck and shoulders
  2. Helps to alleviate neck and back pain, wont harbour dust mites or germs
  3. Breathable and cool, ideal for night sweats and hot flushes
  4. 100% bamboo cover is eco-friendly, breathable, antimicrobial and good for the skin
  5. 60cm x 50cm the hypoallergenic and natural solution to keeping cool

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Enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep with the 100% natural Treets Buckwheat Pillow - the naturally cooling pillow for night sweats, menopause and a more comfortable nights sleep!

Buckwheat is becoming an increasingly popular filling for pillows because it helps to support the head, neck and shoulders throughout the night. Since buckwheat is firmer than normal fibre or feather fillings, it can conform to the shape of your body whilst supporting your weight. This helps to prevent undue pressure being placed on key muscles and joints which can cause pain the following day.

Not only this, but buckwheat pillows allow more air to circulate than normal pillows, helping to keep you cool throughout the night. This is ideal if you’re prone to night sweats, or you’re going through the menopause and experience hot flushes during the night.

Treets Buckwheat Pillow has a 100% bamboo exterior, which is brilliant both for your health and for the environment. Bamboo grows quickly, is easily renewable, and does not require any harmful pesticides or artificial fertilizers, making it the perfect eco-friendly material.

Bamboo feels incredibly soft and is gentle on your skin, and is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial so it will not irritate your skin or harbour dust mites like normal pillows can. With the Treets Buckwheat Pillow you can enjoy a peaceful, healthy night’s sleep.

Buckwheat – better than foam and man-made fibre pillows!

Treets Buckwheat Pillow - Buckwheat

Buckwheat has been used for centuries as a staple food – in the form of flour, porridges, teas and in the brewing of beer. Traditionally the hulls of the buckwheat seeds were used to fill bedding. Originally the benefits of buckwheat pillows were a secret in the Orient, but 100 years ago as international barriers broke down the secret emerged and buckwheat started being used widely in North America and Canada.

Now the ‘buckwheat secret’ is in Europe and we are able to enjoy the natural, holistic benefits of this lovely natural material.The success of buckwheat pillows lies in the therapeutic nature of the organic buckwheat hulls that Treets use. The neck is supported together with the spine and fresh air circulates through the natural contents of the pillow for natural support and no exposure to chemicals or man-made fabrics. Body temperature is balanced – the head is kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter – a perfect combination for support and comfort!.

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SKU / Product Code 93092
Brand Treets
Recommended For Naturally cooling the body., alleviating neck and back pain with firm support, natural and healthy solution to night sweats, hot flushes, hot flashes and a comfortable nights sleep.
Material Inner: 100% Buckwheat Hulls | Outer: 100% Bamboo Cover
Function Supports head, neck and shoulders
Size 60cm x 50cm (24 Inches x 20 Inches)
Product Rating
4 star :
( 2 )
Total : 2 Reviews
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this is a firm pillow Review by Jamila
Product Rating
Really supportive and not at all flimsy, this is a firm pillow. I've had the best nights sleep in months, and the neck pain I had been suffering during the day has vanished, so this has been a great buy.
Would have given it 5 stars, but it is expensive. (Posted on 28 April 2017)
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Good support Review by Maria P
Product Rating
I have a degree of neck instability due to my disability and so ordered this pillow in the hope that it might help. It has stopped my early morning headaches on waking, which I suspected were due to poor posture in bed. The only down side is that I need to place other pillows underneath it because I have a hiatus hernia, and I find that the lovely smooth bamboo cover causes the pillow to 'slip' down the bed overnight! I am currently getting around this by placing it in a brushed cotton pillow slip. Otherwise, it is a good product but I was surprised by its weight when I opened the box! I would definitely recommend it and I would also use it to support other areas of the body as it moulds so well to the body. (Posted on 12 October 2017)
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