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Total Body Exerciser


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  1. Exercise equipment that trains upper and lower body
  2. Exercise in the comfort of your own home
  3. Height and resistance adjustable
  4. Non-slip rubber pedals
  5. Soft-touch foam handle grips

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No more excuses! Working out has never been so simple.

The majority of us live a life that’s sedentary; driving to work, sitting as the desk then slumping on the sofa after a hard day’s work at the office. It’s been drilled into our minds that we must exercise for at least one hour every day to live an active, healthy life; but some of us can’t commit to that. Try telling a parent who is swarmed with work all day at the office, and a family to feed and care for at the end of the day, that they should be  going to the gym for at least one hour.

Total Body Exerciser Lifestyle

Living a life that doesn’t stop can be exhausting and we don’t blame you if you want to relax on the sofa once the nippers have gone to bed! But if you want to shift a few lbs or to be that little bit more active, moving more is vital.

So how would you go about exercising if you are unable to leave home? Well, luckily for you the Total Body Exerciser is the perfect piece of equipment that you can use at home to exercise your entire body.

That’s right – you can work out your arms and your legs at the same time, giving you a total work out. The lightweight exercising equipment isn’t bulky, making it ideal for homes that have limited space, and doesn’t cost  an extortionate amount of money like most exercise equipment for the home. You can even sit in your favourite chair whilst exercising! The Total Body Exerciser is accessible in any sized chair.

The Total Body Exerciser is a fantastic piece of exercise equipment that you can use in the comfort of your own home; you can watch your favourite tele program whilst working those arms and legs. Unlike your local gym that air TV shows with painfully slow subtitles.

Without the daunting commitment of a gym contract, the portable Total Body Exerciser saves £££ whilst you lose the unwanted lbs. And when you’ve finished your work out, it’s easy to pack up and store until you want to use it again.

The exercising equipment allows you to tailor the intensity of the workout to your fitness levels. It’s entirely your decision on how fast you want to go; you can go at your own pace with gentle movements for a more relaxed workout or burn. As long as you’re moving and working up a sweat, you will be improving your fitness by preventing your body from overheating, expelling toxins to aid your immune system by preventing diseases, viruses and bacteria – it even helps eliminate black heads and acne! A gentle exercise is just as beneficial for you; moving more helps promote healthy blood flow by pumping oxygen around the body and to the brain, improving your mental states and keeping those joints in good shape.  

It’s simple, it’s easy, all that is required is you to jump on and give it a go. No more excuses!

Why you need to MOVE MORE!

Living life sat down is slowly but surely, taking its toll on those whose bottoms are fixed to a seat. Those of us who are tied to sitting down can spend up to an excessive 19 hours being inactive – a day!

Unfortunately, every hour spent sat down adds up; sitting down for long periods of time can cause serious damage to your health and make you  more susceptible to health conditions  such as, obesity/being overweight, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, issues with muscle  strength and deterioration, interferences with LPL (lipoprotein lipase), depression and even some types of cancer.

It’s not just shifting that “extra” weight that you don’t need; exercising and moving more is extremely important in keeping your brain sharp and focused. Your brain requires the same attention that you give your body and your muscles; by exercising and increasing your heart rate, you pump more oxygen into the brain releasing an excessive amount of hormones that promotes your brain to develop and grow healthily.

Ever heard the term “runners high”? After a workout, your body releases endorphins; these wonderful chemicals help trigger a positive feeling in your body. Remember how good you feel after a hard workout? Yep, that’s it. With the Total Body Exerciser, you can exercise for a solid 30 minutes whilst watching your favourite programme and release endorphins that reduce stress, avoid feelings of depression and anxiety and improve your sleep. Exercising delivers a chain reaction; moving more on a regular basis shifts the weight that provides you with a healthier body, aiding in a more pro-active brain and finally boosts your self-esteem.

Don’t let your busy life tie you down any longer; move more with the total body exerciser in your home, today!

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SKU / Product Code 91815

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Juliette D Review by Loxley
Product Rating
Cheap and cheerful, it is lightweight to carry and not too bulky. Packs away under my Nans settee after she has used it. She was diagnosed with diabetes last year and is trying to get fit at home. We do all we can to encourage her to get even a little bit of exercise and she enjoys using it, I think this is a super little bit of kit. (Posted on 6 January 2015)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Fun way to exercise at home, suits my situation Review by YummyMum3
Product Rating
I have 3 children all under 5 so you can imagine it is virtually impossible for me to get any time to myself or even get out of the house. I use this religiously for 15 minutes everyday and I already notice the difference.
It is very easy to use and the kids always want a go too (well the 4 year old does anyway) - but I think it is good for them to see their Mum exercising. We have a fun gym 15 minutes, so I hope that this will instil in them a good exercise ethos.
A gym member hip would be lovely but we just can't afford it (even the cheaper ones) but more importantly its the fact that I can do this any time when I am home that makes the difference. I put on some song on my ipod and give it welly! (Posted on 9 January 2015)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Waste of money. Review by Lou
Product Rating
Complete waste of money. Very flimsy.

Dear Lou
I am sorry you do not like this product, please contact our Customer Care Team if we can help you further or if there is a fault with the product you have purchased from us. We want you to be happy with your purchase at all times and clearly this product has not met your expectations.
Please call me
Customer Care Team (Posted on 13 April 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)

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