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Thuasne Ankle Brace Stabiliser Malleo Dynastab Boa


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  1. Orthotic ankle brace to support, compress and stabilise fragile ankles
  2. Quick fitting ankle stabiliser with ‘Boa’ closure technology
  3. Rigid lateral reinforcement controls position and motion of ankle
  4. Improves recovery time; ideal for athletes and sports enthusiasts
  5. Form-fitting design with micro-aerated 3D fabric for comfort and breathability

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Brace your ankle in Boa-tight constriction with Thuasne’s Malleo Dynastab

If you need to use a splint to support a sprained or swollen ankle, Thuasne have combined their best-selling Malleo Dynastab with the Boa Closure System to create the most comprehensive ankle brace around. No more awkwardly yanking laces, or retying loose straps; with Boa technology you just twist to tighten and push to release! Boa laces distribute pressure efficiently and evenly, and with their ‘dialled in’ guarantee, you know they won’t let you down!

While Thuasne specialise in Orthotic care with a focus on rehabilitation and pain relief, they also throw sporting performance into the mix, so you can continue to push your personal boundaries, even in the face of adversity. The Malleo Dynastab is Thuasne’s high tech answer to ankle weaknesses and injuries; featuring a sleek, modern design this ankle support is functionality at its best. Flexible, dynamic, and suitable for a host of ailments, the Dynastab ankle stabiliser is suitable for people suffering with:

  • Osteoarthritis/ Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Ligament damage
  • Peroneal Tendonitis
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Swelling or Oedema
  • Hyperlaxity/ Hypermobility

Thanks to its micro-aerated 3D fabric the Dynastab Boa is breathable, light and comfortable; providing you with stability, without making your foot clammy or uncomfortable, no matter how long you wear it.

You’ll also be surprised by just how strong the Dynastab really is: specially moulded to the contours of your lower leg, foot and ankle, this support is far more reliable than regular plastic splints or elasticated bandages. The ‘Train Active Knit’ cushions sensitive or bruised areas, while the interior is reinforced with spring steel rods for maintained rigidity and sturdiness; this ensures your injured muscle or ligament is kept as still as possible. By protecting you against lateral twisting, you can enjoy a feeling of security when weight-bearing and prevent future damage when walking or running.

Thuasne Ankle Stabiliser Malleo Dynastab Boa Sizing Chart

Designed with sporting in mind, the Dynastab controls the position and motion of your ankle, but won’t restrict your overall mobility. It’s quick and easy to put on, and the level of tightness is flexible to suit your needs; that’s why the Boa Closure System is such a great addition to this ankle support. The reel-lacing device enables quick and reliable tightening that’s uniform over the whole ankle, and you can easily adjust it with only one hand!

Available in three sizes, suitable for both the left or right foot, and lightweight enough to fit inside footwear, this ankle brace is one of the most effective yet unobtrusive ankle braces around. Suitable for everyday use, Thuasne’s Malleo Dynastab Boa is machine washable and water resistant, so now there’s no excuse to put off your workout regime – even when it’s raining!

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SKU / Product Code 10662
Brand Thuasne
Material 100% Polyester Interior, 100% Polyamide Exterior
Colour Blue and Grey
Size 1 Small: 19cm - 22cm | 2 Medium: 22cm - 26cm | 3 Large: 26cm - 30cm
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Total : 4 Reviews
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Very impressed Review by Reg
Product Rating
Excellent, works very well. My wife sprained her ankle 5 weeks ago, and with this ankle brace she is able to ride her bike and walk too. She says it feels very stable and is comfortable and not too bulky. It gives support where needed.
Very impressed (Posted on 15 June 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Brilliant Review by Naughty Nike
Product Rating
This or surgery. With the inner supports it's brilliant. (Posted on 13 July 2017)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Ankle support Review by Carm
Product Rating
These have helped me immensely without these I was unable to walk without great pain now I can bear it a lot more these for me are better than the ones you tie yourself more control and the weight bearing is fantastic also make sure you get the right size for your ankles (Posted on 29 November 2017)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Very disappointed Review by Bob
Product Rating
This thing causes more pain for me than I had without it. The stabilizing elements are two thin pieces of metal. They are not formed in a way that fits the anatomy where they are placed. There is nothing distributing the pressure from these things over a larger area. The ends poke into the foot and the lower leg. After wearing it for less than a day I already have a bruise on my lower leg. It also feels like blood flow to the foot is severely limited, but I guess that is hard to avoid. (Posted on 6 July 2017)
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(0 of 2 people found this review helpful)

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