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TheraWand Premium

  1. First choice for physiotherapists to treat pelvic floor dysfunction now available for home use
  2. For pelvic floor massage or prostate massage; FDA approved, medical grade acrylic
  3. Comes with clear instructions and storage bag
  4. Ergonomic design makes TheraWand comfortable to use by therapist or at home
  5. Unisex pelvic pain relief for women with pelvic pain and men with prostate pain, prostatitis & pelvic pain.

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For Women - TheraWand Premium can help you continue pelvic pain treatment at home

TheraWand Premium is top of the list for physiotherapists treating pelvic floor pain and dysfunction. It utilises both physical therapy and relaxation techniques, helping you or your therapist target pressure points. The TheraWand is the perfect tool for treating myofacial (trigger point) release, painful intercourse, scar tissue, prostate massage and much more.

Included with every TheraWand is an easy-to-understand instruction sheet, information pamphlet and a storage bag. It is best to work with a physiotherapist and discuss your needs and to use the TheraWand when you want to continue your treatment at home.

For Men -  Using the TheraWand Premium to relieve prostatitis and male chronic pelvic pain

The TheraWand Premium can be used for effective manual treatment of the pelvic floor and prostate massage. It is easy to use for both patient and therapist, the wand is made from FDA approved, medical grade acrylic.

 The TheraWand Premium has been recommended by physiotherapists as an ideal way for men to perform prostate massage on themselves. This form of trigger point massage is able to milk the prostate to drain out any build up of fluid. This reduces the swelling and inflammation that causes pelvic pain in men and is a fantastic form of natural pain relief. See below for a guide to where your trigger points are for prostate massage, by pelvic floor therapist Karl Monahan (imagine your penis is the 12 and your bottom is the 6):

prostate massage

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SKU / Product Code 10113
Brand TheraWand

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myofascial muscle release Review by Shiana
Product Rating
I suffer with acute pelvic pain, it is so debilitating. I was recommended one of these and to try a course of myofascial muscle release. The info leaflet helps and for the first time in 3 years I feel some release of the pain and a benefit. It is amazing. I have been to countless doctors and had numerous prescriptions, some made me constipated, some made me sad, I just didn't know what to do. It may be related to me being a professional dancer so t his has been liberating to say the least.
Alternative cures suggested by Doctors included being put on the pill to cure the 'period pain' - 'But I don't have periods Doc'. To a course of Prozac - <all in my little head!>
Sometimes the best solutions are ones you find yourself - thank you DOCTOR GOOGLE! (Posted on 5 November 2014)
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(10 of 10 people found this review helpful)
great product well designed Review by sneeze
Product Rating
I had been suffering with abdominal pain for six years, probably longer and because of the difficulty in pin pointing the location of the pain I found it hard to describe my symptoms. I felt I was going crazy until I found a book on pelvic pain, it was like turning on a light and at last I had an explanation for what was happening.
I spoke to my physical therapist who recommended the Therawand. The best thing about it is you can help yourself by giving yourself treatment on a regular basis. The leaflet gives concise instructions which is very useful and together with support from physical therapist puts you in the driving seat! (Posted on 12 February 2015)
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Long journey - getting there. Review by Juliette S
Product Rating
Perfect for trigger point massage this is the only thing that has helped me after years of suffering. Its been a long journey, but I finally feel that I am getting somewhere. (Posted on 15 May 2015)
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Recommended by Physio Review by j1200k
Product Rating
This product was recommended by my physio after having problems post hysterectomy and bowel and bladder repair. Injection into the scar tissue site proved to be not a lot of good so using the wand for trigger point exercise. Decided on the premium wand as it is easier to hold than the straight smooth normal one. Still early days but can tell a difference and I can reach the trigger points now myself. (my fingers are not that long so was finding it difficult to reach the top trigger points). (Posted on 24 October 2015)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Prostatitis relief Review by VirgilX
Product Rating
Purchased this after seeing the Karl Monahan film on You Tube. I had exhausted all opportunities for any pain relief and was consigned to less than effective pain killers and shrugged shoulders. Results were gradual at first, but with daily perseverance there has been significant improvement to pelvic pain, and I would like to say that my prostatitis is cured, or would that be in remission. No more antibiotics, meds and hot baths.
Shame it wasn't available as a first line treatment through the NHS as I (Posted on 28 October 2016)
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totally disappointed with the product and assistance Review by Vincenzo
Product Rating
because the anatomy of each person is different, it is said that the Therawand reach trigger points.
contrary to what is written in the description of the web page: "The TheraWand is the perfect tool for treating myofacial ( trigger point ) release "
in my case it did not work . and I do not have it refunded it replaced the product .

Dear Vincenzo
Thank you for your review. I am sorry we were unable to refund this item as you had used it, and we uphold strict hygiene rules which I am sure you can appreciate.
Trigger point massage is not easy and whilst the information leaflet guides the user, we would advise advice from a Physiotherapist who can help. Because as you so rightly say, we are all different. The addition of deferred pain brings in another aspect, which can always be helped by a professional.
I am sorry this product was not suitable for you and trust you appreciate our returns on intimate/internally used items
Kind Regards
Customer Care Team (Posted on 20 September 2016)
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Great tool for self-physiotherapy Review by Valeriia
Product Rating
3 balls in the end of the wand are a little painful to insert and pull out with my vestibulodynia, but they are effective inside of the vagina, I think this therawand is able to address more muscles at a time then basic therawand is. (Posted on 9 March 2017)
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i see the product is out of stock.
will you restore the product soon?

thank you
I received recently this product from you but there were no instruction attached to it for me is pointless to use such product but you do claim this comes with an instructions??? You sent me an email asking to review this product well I cant as I am not taking the risk of harming myself using it due to your negligence