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Luxury Alpaca Wool Pillow


In Stock - Despatched From The United Kingdom

  1. Luxury wool pillow made from the finest materials available in 2 sizes and tensions for absolute comfort
  2. Firm weight recommended for people with broader shoulders or who prefer a taller pillow
  3. Made in the UK, recipient of the British Allergy Foundation’s Seal of Approval, certified by Woolmark
  4. Anti-dust mite bedding keeps your bed safe and clean
  5. 100% British Sheep and Alpaca wool filled pillow, excellent for sufferers of asthma, eczema and night sweats

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Enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep free of allergies, with the luxurious comfort of an Alpaca Wool Pillow - available in 2 sizes and tensions

alpaca pillow and bedding Do you find yourself tossing and turning all night, struggling to doze off? Allergies can make getting a decent night’s sleep an impossibility, as standard synthetic bedding can harbour all sorts of nasties – dust mites, static, dirt and dust. You spend more than a third of your life in bed; that’s a lot of time spent with your head on your pillow, so why not make it time well spent?

The Luxury Alpaca Wool Filled Pillow is made from a bespoke blend of Alpaca and sheep’s wool that is hypo-allergenic, resistant to dust mites, temperature regulating and easy to clean, not to mention gorgeously soft and indulgent! Studies comparing wool and synthetic material have shown that wool bedding results in a more relaxed sleep, making your heart rate lower and keeping you in the valuable REM stage (deep sleep that is important for long term memory) for longer. Filled with 900gsm of British Sheep and Alpaca wool, this luxury pillow is wonderfully firm and supportive; the ideal place to rest your head after a long day.

Your comfort is paramount - would you like medium texture or firm texture? We've thought of everything!

Tailored to your needs and tastes, the Alpaca Wool Pillow is available in differing sizes and tensions which include:

  • Standard Pillow with Medium Firmness
  • Standard Pillow - Firm 
  • Large Pillow with Medium Firmness
  • Large Pillow - Firm

The Large - Firm weight pillow contains 1,100gsm of a luxurious wool and alpaca mix and is suited to people with broader shoulders or who prefer a taller pillow. The medium weight pillow contains 900gsm of our wool and alpaca mix and is suited to persons of an average built. We would recommend our firm pillow for people with broader shoulders or who prefer a taller pillow. Standard Pillow measures W48 x L74 and the Large Size Pillow measures - W48 x L90.

alpaca wool pillowWool myths busted: the baa-re truth

The idea of wool bedding might make some people sceptical due to the beliefs people have about this natural fibre. The premium wool produced by alpacas is softer than cashmere; perfect if you have eczema or delicate skin as it’s not remotely itchy. Even those with lanolin allergies can enjoy these pillows, as the wool used is so soft and thoroughly cleaned that it’s lanolin-free! Whats more, while this bedding is totally natural, it doesn't have an odour, so no 'baa-baa black sheep' aroma here!

Alpaca Wool is naturally flame retardant - no toxic chemicals here!

Alpaca wool bedding is excellent from a safety point of view too as it is naturally not flammable. Wool is used for the fabric in cars, planes and military uniforms because it cannot be set alight, making it a great choice for keeping you and your family safe Bedding by law has to be flame retardant, this means that the average person now has measurable levels of flame-retardant chemicals in their body. These highly toxic chemicals have been linked to serious health risks like cancer, birth defects, neurodevelopmental delays in children, and more. With this alpaca bedding you can sleep soundly and enjoy a healthy nights sleep.

These pillows have been specially treated to be suitable for dry cleaning if needed, using eco-friendly detergents that are completely washed out before sale to keep your pillow totally hypoallergenic and chemical free.

Could your bedding be harbouring dust mites? Some people believe that wool attracts dust mites, when really the opposite is true! Wool is too dry for dust mites to live in; they prefer synthetic or feather bedding as it has a lot more moisture, creating the perfect environment for the bacteria and fungus that dust mites like to eat – yuck! Your standard synthetic bedding could be harbouring hundreds of dust mites right now, giving off a protein that many people are allergic to and giving you a runny nose, itchy skin and wheezing. Terrible when you’re trying to sleep! By using an anti-allergy pillow you can breathe properly and sleep soundly again.

alpaca pillow for Night SweatsDo you suffer from night sweats? End the misery today with wool bedding!

When you think of wool, you probably think of cosy, warm jumpers and scarves. However, wool can also keep you cool! This is because as sheep and alpacas evolved, their coats adapted to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Its microscopic structure wicks sweat from the skin, regulating your body temperature. It’s even used for sportswear!

Night sweats are regularly experienced by over 40% of people and are hugely unpleasant, leading you to wake up multiple times a night soaked through. They can have many causes and are experienced by people of all genders and ages, with working cures hard to find. The temperature regulating properties of these anti-allergy bedding make it perfect for easing night sweats, as it keeps you cool and absorbs three times as much moisture as cotton, stopping your symptoms from waking you up.


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SKU / Product Code 10876
Brand Luxury Alpaca Wool
Material Filling: 50% British alpaca + 50% British wool | Cover: 100% organic cotton
Colour White
Size Standard Pillow: 48cm x 74cm (18.5 Inches x 29 Inches) | Large Size Pillow: 48cm x 90cm (18.5 Inches x 25.5 Inches)
Washing Instructions Inner Pillow: Dry clean only; air and shake regularly | Outer quilted cover can be machine washed on a delicate cycle with suitable detergent.
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Wonderful, all natural. Review by StarAngel9
Product Rating
Amazing bedding, I have the quilt and one pillow, it was a big expense for me but the benefits have been well worth it. Comfortable and the best nights sleep ever. I purchased because I wanted to avoid the toxic chemicals use din synthetic bedding after a bout of treatment for breast cancer, I am doing all I can to rid my house and life of toxins that I feel have built up in my body and I wish there was more information about the damage we are doing to our body because of these chemicals that are all around us and in everyday things.
It is frightening, but there are options if you look hard enough and I would recommend this. Also check out sites like and NaturallySavvy for information relating to cancer causing products in the home. (Posted on 15 October 2015)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Allergy free so far, superb! Review by Desdemona
Product Rating
Luckily I had a big points voucher to redeem so got this at less than half the advertised price, but it is absolutely lovely. I have lots of allergies, and my bedding is now all allergy free but a friend recommended this.
Terribly expensive but it is wonderful. The trigger for me was an article I read about bed bugs and bugs living in pillows, that freaked me out and I feel has contributed to my breathing problems.
Will report back after a few more weeks wear to make sure it is holding shape etc - but so far after 3 weeks a great nights sleep and no rhinitis. (Posted on 23 October 2015)
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Alpaca Pillow Review by Mrs J, Kent.
Product Rating
Lovely alpaca pillow, a noticeable difference as I was finding that I was getting a sweaty neck and getting hot flushes (bring on my menopause!) and night sweats.
I haven't had the wet feeling since sleeping on this and I love this pillow.
Its a YES from me! (Posted on 6 November 2017)
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