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Foot Massagers

Soothe your aching, tired feet with a foot massager and feel the strains of your day melt away! Our Foot Massagers will relieve the tissues and fibres in your feet, which can become swollen and damaged by long hours of standing. Sitting all day in a car, chair or at a desk can also cause problems as blood circulation becomes impaired, making the muscles tight and uncomfortable. Regular use of an electric foot massager is also recommended for diabetics - a shiatsu foot massager penetrates the muscles in your feet, aiding optimal circulation and keeping your feet healthy and free of pain.

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  1. Beurer FB50 Multi-Functional Luxury Foot Spa
  2. Beurer FB35 Aromatherapy Foot Spa
  3. Beurer FM60 Shiatsu Foot Massager
  4. Beurer FB25 Foot Spa with Magnetic Field Therapy
  5. Lanaform Foot Massager
  6. Beurer FB20 Foot Bubble Spa
  7. Beurer FM39 Shiatsu Foot Massager
  8. Lanaform Bubble Footcare Hydro Massage Foot Spa
  9. Beurer FB-21 Foot Spa
  10. Beurer FWM50 Foot Warmer With Shiatsu Massage
  11. Beper Infrared Foot Massager
  12. Sissel Super King Size Foot Roller
  13. Beurer FB30 Folding Foot Spa
  14. Ideaworks 2 in 1 Massaging Foot Spa
  15. Lavender Foot Wash with Essential Oils
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  16. Lanaform Foot Tapping Massager
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16 Items

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