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Squatty Potty Tao Bamboo Adjustable

  1. Adjustable Tao Bamboo Squatty Potty toilet stool ranges from 7 inches to 9 inches
  2. Helps you to mimic perfect squatting position for optimal poop elimination
  3. Improves bowel elimination that is healthier and cleaner
  4. Prevents bowel problems such as constipation, haemorrhoids, bladder weakness and pelvic floor issues
  5. Adjustable height, 7” to 9” perfect for the whole family

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Struggling to find the perfect Squatty Potty to benefit the whole of your family? The Adjustable Squatty Potty Toilet Stool is perfect for ensuring your family poops properly!

Why would you even question the way you sit on the toilet? It’s second nature to us all! But science has proven that we’ve been going to the toilet completely wrong! Even though it’s been drilled into us since potty training, sitting on the toilet the way we do is actually causing your body a lot of damage. The 90⁰ angle seating position that we commonly sit in every day is what is causing you to strain more when you go for your number 2! The optimal seating position is in fact the squatting position – yes it’s true! The perfect pooping angle is 35⁰, knees above the hips. Why? Well that’s the way our bodies were anatomically designed. So what’s the stool solution? We will tackle your stool problem… with a toilet stool!

Squatting is the future solution to your poo problems; when we squat, it helps to open the gates with ease. This position unkinks the bowel for a fuller, cleaner poo evacuation. Have you ever gone to the toilet and left feeling a little, well, unsatisfied? You feel like you’re not as empty as you should be? Sitting at the 90⁰ angle kinks your bowel, blocking it with faeces (yuck!) so you still feel full. Squatting ensures that you feel empty every time; it relieves constipation so you can experience that satisfactory poop. If you don’t eliminate your poop properly and there are remains left in the bowel, not only does it make you feel sluggish and tired, it causes more constipation, bloating and can even lead to bowel disease.

Why you should poop at a 35⁰ angle rather than 90⁰

Squatty Potty Tao Bamboo Adjustable

At 90⁰, the anorectal angle is kinked and the puborectalis muscle restrains the rectum, blocking the stools inside. It is only at 35⁰, lifting our knees higher than our hips that the angle is straightened out; enabling the puborectalis muscle to release the constricted hold on the rectum, for a fuller, cleaner poop evacuation.

You’ve seen how animals go – they squat! Sitting at the 90⁰ angle actually induces more strain and pressure on to the muscles and blood vessels around the rectum; so as we push and push, the pressure can lead to haemorrhoids. But it is not just the muscles and blood vessels that are in danger – it poses a threat onto your pelvic floor too. The pelvic floor is under a lot of stress when you’re trying to strain for a poop, which can cause bladder weakness and incontinence; and if you already have pelvic floor problems – you should steer well away from that 90⁰ angle!

People that live in foreign countries and that use ‘foot print’ toilets, squatting toilets or holes in the ground kind of toilets; have almost no incidence of diverticulosis and haemorrhoids are almost unheard of, this is because they squat to poop! Who’d have thunk that there was a proper way to dump?

Why the Adjustable Squatty Potty Toilet Stool is going to help you and your family?

Squatting unkinks the anorectal angle

So if you’re wondering how on earth you’re meant to squat above your toilet, we’ve got the perfect toilet stool solution for your stools. The Squatty Potty toilet stool sits underneath your toilet so when you need to go for a number two, pop your feet onto the stool and it lifts your knees above your hips; helping you sit in the optimal pooping position at 35⁰, so you can have a cleaner, more satisfactory poop!

Okay, so now you know why you need a Squatty Potty toilet stool; but why would you need an adjustable toilet stool? If you have a family that ranges in different heights, then having a toilet stool to satisfy all your family needs may be a tricky one to find. The adjustable Squatty Potty allows each member of your family to have a perfect poop! So if you have a short member, you can adjust the toilet stool so their knees go above their hips, and vice versa if you have a giant in the family, you will only need the smaller adjusted size! Saves you having to buy more than one toilet stool!

The adjustable Squatty Potty is made from 100% Natural Renewable Bamboo, with Formaldehyde-Free Glues and Resins. Eco friendly for eco-pooping! It’s water and mould resistant so you needn’t worry about it going green in your bathroom! Its incredibly stylish design has been crafted by hand and adds that splash of contemporary design into your bathroom. And don’t forget it’s adjustable too!

Be a squat family; and poop happy with the adjustable Squatty Potty toilet stool!

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SKU / Product Code 10539
Brand Squatty Potty
Recommended For Health and well being in the toilet department - you will never regret buying a Squatty Potty!
Material 100% Renewable Bamboo, Formaldehyde-Free Glues and Resins
Size Adjustable to 7 Inches or 9 Inches | Dimensions when Assembled: 48.75cm x 25cm x 22.5cm (19.5 Inches x 10 Inches x 9 Inches)
Waterproof Water and Mould Resistant
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Beautiful Design Review by Beanie
Product Rating
Even though I agree with the squatting concept, I've resisted purchasing a squatty potty up until now because the plastic kind look so cheap and ugly. I just made do with a small step stool I kept in the bathroom for my grandchildren. But this bamboo design is sleek and spa like, looks good in the bathroom, and tucks away under the stool when not needed. Occasionally guests will ask about it, and when I tell them they laugh and tease me a little But let me tell you, several of those doubters have become believers! It truly works! (Posted on 6 July 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Lovely quality, almost too good to be used as a toilet footstool Review by Roxy
Product Rating
Lovely quality, almost too good to be used as a toilet footstool, would be just sa good as one of those lap tables for breakfast in bed!
Works brilliantly. I have it on the highest along with the kids so I m not sure if I should just have bought a 9inch but it matches the pine loo seat so all is good! (Posted on 20 July 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Very pleased with the product and would not like to be without it Review by Jane
Product Rating
Well made product which is not unsightly in the bathroom. Good to have variable
height adjustment. It definitely helps when passing a stool. The French had it right
all time with their holes in the ground loos which we all thought were terrible when
on holiday! (Posted on 18 September 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
It WORKS - HALLELUJAH! Review by Del921
Product Rating
It really works, amazing. It is stylish to look at and Boy, what an amazing thing this is, better than any laxative and no messy wiping either - apologies for being so direct. I'm not a Brit so don't have your reserved nature.
What a blast. Works great with a detox too, I found the 9 inche level more suitable for me but glad I bought the adjustable version.
Spot on.
Dx (Posted on 7 October 2015)
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(1 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Love it! Review by SpecialKay
Product Rating
I've had this potty over a week now and I just love it. Biggest selling point for me is your bowels do feel emptied after your movement. Was delivered without requiring a signature, light in weight and so easy to put together. (Posted on 25 March 2016)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Pleased Review by JonnyM
Product Rating
Very happy with this purchase. If I'm being very picky I don't like the plastic screw covers (the method of attaching the main parts of the stool could be designed to make these unnecessary) but it's not enough to dock a star. (Posted on 18 June 2016)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
No Going Back! Review by Eileen
Product Rating
I own this and I love it! As a matter of fact if I am away I actually wish I had one every time I go without. I just cant say enough it hides under my toilet it looks really sharp, its clean and so far everyone of my house guests have purchased one before returning to their homes. That in itself speaks volumes! (Posted on 6 July 2015)
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Delighted! Review by Kyoru
Product Rating
I have been waiting for this for some time as they told me that this new adjustable one would be available and I can tell you it is well worth the wait. I an 5 feet 1 inch and hubby is 6 feet 4 we wanted 1 squatty potty that would suffice for both our needs as we live in a one bedroom minimalist flat!
This adjusts for his and my use, it is very stylish fitting in with our décor perfectly.
I cannot praise this product highly enough I bought an original plastic one (recycled to MIL who is equally as delighted) after reading the Guilia Enders book Gut and it all just fits together perfectly!
Delighted! (Posted on 10 July 2015)
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Couldn't live with out it! Review by Ladykath
Product Rating
This is the best! I had the original white plastic model and love how it works, but it wasn't the best looking thing ever. I had to keep it in the upstairs en suite bathroom, as my husband hated the look of it. But the new bamboo style is gorgeous - and its now happily living in the downstairs loo!
My mother in law loved it and we ordered one for her birthday, its just great. The fact is can be two heights is wonderful, especially if you are unsure which fixed height model to order. It can be easily adjusted, but it does require unscrewing all four bolts and them moving the top and screwing them in again. Very straightforward and easy. Its a beautiful design, gorgeous quality, and fits in great under the toilet when not in use. I love it! (Posted on 8 August 2015)
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Highly recommended Review by Gem56
Product Rating
Opted for the adjustable and glad I did, as I have the higher and tall hubby the lower. Good quality and looks nice. To clean it I dunk it in the shower, seems OK.
Results from using are amazing, maybe this could change we toilet forever. Even the kids want one now - that is amazing! (Posted on 11 September 2015)
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Hi when will the bamboo squatty potty be back in stock and how much is it to deliver to ireland

Sheila kumar
Dear Sir/Madam,

Do you have a new date for when will the squatty potty will be back in stock?

Best wishes.

Wondering if you know the bamboo squatty potty will be back in stock? Thanks
I really want a bamboo squatty potty, but Wil it fit with my toilet? I have a wall hung funny shaped toilet.
Here's the link.
Any info or advice would be much appreciated. The toilet is called a Rak Elena wall hung.
Is the platform we squat from on this squatty potty angle slightly forward as in the original plastic version. I cannot seem to figure out if it is or not.

I'm considering ordering 'Squatty Potty Tao Bamboo Adjustable'. Can
you please let me know the exact size and weight of the package? (I
would like to give it to a friend as a gift, thus would need to carry
it further in a flight.)