Squatty Potty Slim

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  1. New modern, sleek, Slim Squatty Potty design in stylish wood
  2. Helps you to obtain the correct squat position for optimal poop elimination!
  3. Promotes a more healthy and complete bowel elimination with cleaner results - no excessive wiping required!
  4. Bowel disorders, constipation, haemorrhoids and bladder weakness are prevented
  5. Sculpted plywood and ergonomic toilet squat stool design stores neatly beneath toilet seat
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Squatty Potty is back with a new sleek, slim design! The Squatty Potty Slim is an essential for every bathroom – believe us when we say, you will thank Squatty!

Although sitting on the toilet for a number two feels natural and normal - after all it has been drilled into our brains when we were potty training! But did you know sitting on the toilet the way we do is actually doing more damage to your body than good? It’s true; you may not think that sitting on the toilet is a huge problem, but it actually influences a lot of unnecessary pressure on your rectum and pelvic floor, and also sitting on the toilet to poop can seriously damage your bowels. Feeling shocked? Don’t worry; we’ve got the perfect toilet stool (get it?) solution for your pooing problems.

Believe it or not; the human body is anatomically designed to squat for optimal pooping elimination. Squatting to poo opens the gates – as you can imagine. The squatting position unkinks the bowel for a fuller and cleaner evacuation. Have you ever experienced the unsatisfied poo? Where you feel like you’re not quite empty? When you squat, it relieves constipation and you will more often than not, have that satisfactory poop. It’s important to completely eliminate all of the faeces; because if there are remains in the bowel, it can cause more constipation, appendicitis and even lead to bowel disease.

squatty pottyNot pooing can lead to misery – literally!

When we are sat down on the toilet like we are taught to; the anorectal angle is kinked and the puborectalis muscle constricts the rectum, blocking the faeces inside. It is only in the squatting position, by lifting our knees higher than our hips that the anorectal angle is straightened out; enabling the puborectalis muscle to release the choke-hold on the rectum, resulting in a fuller poop evacuation!

Sitting on the toilet often makes us strain and puts pressure on the muscles and blood vessels; this is how haemorrhoids are caused. Not only are the muscles and blood vessels in danger when sitting, but your pelvic floor comes under a lot of stress too which can cause bladder weakness and incontinence. Now who would want that?!

You’ve seen in particular foreign countries that use ‘foot print’ toilets or squatting toilets, hole in the ground – you get the drift – some of us would consider them as less ‘civilised’ than our own! Believe it or not, those who squat to go to the toilet have almost no incidence of diverticulosis and piles are almost never an issue. But, we in the West continue to go to the loo the way we were taught and put more strain on our bodies – like we aren’t doing enough of that already!


How does the Squatty Potty Slim work?

So it’s all good knowing that squatting is the future to proper pooping – but how are you going to squat over the toilet? We don’t expect you to try and balance yourself on your toilet seat, we think that would cause more harm than good!

The family at squatty know that your knees need to be above your hips for ultimate elimination; so what’s the solution? All of your bowel problems will be solved with a Squatty Potty Toilet Stool; it helps you by providing the perfect pooping position as you rest your feet onto the toilet stool so your knees are above your hips, mimicking the natural squat position.

The Squatty Potty Slim is sculpted out of plywood, with a natural wood finish – perfect for modern bathrooms or if you want to add a splash of stylish contemporary design. Its ergonomic design allows you to mimic the optimal squatting position and stores incredibly neatly underneath your toilet.  

Squat your way to a happier, healthier colon and poop happy with Squatty Potty Slim.

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