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Squatty Potty Slim


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  1. New modern, sleek, Slim Squatty Potty design in stylish wood
  2. Helps you to obtain the correct squat position for optimal poop elimination!
  3. Promotes a more healthy and complete bowel elimination with cleaner results - no excessive wiping required!
  4. Bowel disorders, constipation, haemorrhoids and bladder weakness are prevented
  5. Sculpted plywood and ergonomic toilet squat stool design stores neatly beneath toilet seat

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Squatty Potty is back with a new sleek, slim design! The Squatty Potty Slim is an essential for every bathroom – believe us when we say, you will thank Squatty!

Although sitting on the toilet for a number two feels natural and normal - after all it has been drilled into our brains when we were potty training! But did you know sitting on the toilet the way we do is actually doing more damage to your body than good? It’s true; you may not think that sitting on the toilet is a huge problem, but it actually influences a lot of unnecessary pressure on your rectum and pelvic floor, and also sitting on the toilet to poop can seriously damage your bowels. Feeling shocked? Don’t worry; we’ve got the perfect toilet stool (get it?) solution for your pooing problems.

Believe it or not; the human body is anatomically designed to squat for optimal pooping elimination. Squatting to poo opens the gates – as you can imagine. The squatting position unkinks the bowel for a fuller and cleaner evacuation. Have you ever experienced the unsatisfied poo? Where you feel like you’re not quite empty? When you squat, it relieves constipation and you will more often than not, have that satisfactory poop. It’s important to completely eliminate all of the faeces; because if there are remains in the bowel, it can cause more constipation, appendicitis and even lead to bowel disease.

squatty pottyNot pooing can lead to misery – literally!

When we are sat down on the toilet like we are taught to; the anorectal angle is kinked and the puborectalis muscle constricts the rectum, blocking the faeces inside. It is only in the squatting position, by lifting our knees higher than our hips that the anorectal angle is straightened out; enabling the puborectalis muscle to release the choke-hold on the rectum, resulting in a fuller poop evacuation!

Sitting on the toilet often makes us strain and puts pressure on the muscles and blood vessels; this is how haemorrhoids are caused. Not only are the muscles and blood vessels in danger when sitting, but your pelvic floor comes under a lot of stress too which can cause bladder weakness and incontinence. Now who would want that?!

You’ve seen in particular foreign countries that use ‘foot print’ toilets or squatting toilets, hole in the ground – you get the drift – some of us would consider them as less ‘civilised’ than our own! Believe it or not, those who squat to go to the toilet have almost no incidence of diverticulosis and piles are almost never an issue. But, we in the West continue to go to the loo the way we were taught and put more strain on our bodies – like we aren’t doing enough of that already!


How does the Squatty Potty Slim work?

So it’s all good knowing that squatting is the future to proper pooping – but how are you going to squat over the toilet? We don’t expect you to try and balance yourself on your toilet seat, we think that would cause more harm than good!

The family at squatty know that your knees need to be above your hips for ultimate elimination; so what’s the solution? All of your bowel problems will be solved with a Squatty Potty Toilet Stool; it helps you by providing the perfect pooping position as you rest your feet onto the toilet stool so your knees are above your hips, mimicking the natural squat position.

The Squatty Potty Slim is sculpted out of plywood, with a natural wood finish – perfect for modern bathrooms or if you want to add a splash of stylish contemporary design. Its ergonomic design allows you to mimic the optimal squatting position and stores incredibly neatly underneath your toilet.  

Squat your way to a happier, healthier colon and poop happy with Squatty Potty Slim.

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SKU / Product Code 10628
Brand Squatty Potty

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Happy apart from engraved logo Review by Becky
Product Rating
I much prefer this slim aesthetically pleasing version to the white plastic one my friend has, I'm so glad I paid the extra to prevent my home from looking like a hospital or nursery. It is strong (I'm not light), sturdy and I'm feeling safe stepping backwards one foot ata time onto it (encouraging squats too). However the thing I always found most off-putting was the truly awful juvenile and not-my-humour-at-all brand name - squatty potty. So imagine my horror to find this engraved on the top! (Couldn't see it on the image when I ordered). I don't have brand name logos on the rest of my furniture and I actively avoid them on clothing or anywhere else. To add a brand name is to advertise so I think a reduction for a branded one with the option to pay full price for unbranded would be reasonable. Within a few days this has really come to annoy me because of course I keep facing it! I also find it embarrassing with visitors, I just wanted it to quietly sit there not shout out. Now I will have to find a matching wood filler to try to get rid of the engraving. And the smiley face... can't bear smiley faces. Just let me go healthily to the toilet! I would have preferred more images and to be able to zoom the image on a mobile site. But the item is great, well packed, arrived very quickly. I would have bought the 9" if it had been in stock but this 7" is fine. (Posted on 4 October 2016)
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(4 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Amazing! Review by Dolly
Product Rating
Amazingly clean do-doos every time. I am amazed that I never thought of this before - the link between squatting and full elimination. I have suffered constipation since being pregnant and the iron tablets make it even worse.
Love this.
It works.
Nuff said. (Posted on 3 September 2015)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
A neat addition to our bathroom Review by Hilsarealive
Product Rating
Very pleased with the Squatty Potty Slim - the whole family are feeling the benefit. I have very little feeling in my bowels due to a slipped disc which caused nerve damage, and even I can feel the difference. It fits very neatly and discreetly around the loo. I shall be buying a second one for our downstairs toilet. (Posted on 26 October 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
100% recommend Review by Dahl
Product Rating
Amazing. Bought this after reading Julia Enders GUT book. Feel so much better, it has transformed my healthy living quest.
100% recommend (Posted on 25 November 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
I am converted ... though it took a while Review by pretty polly
Product Rating
I bought this a few weeks ago and have held off writing a review until now as I wanted to give a fair review. It has taken me a couple of weeks of adjustment - I had expected to love it, but unfortunately the first few times were really off-putting.

However, I have now genuinely turned a corner and it obvious that being in a different position makes a lot of difference. I think a slightly different set of muscles are involved when you 'go' in this position and it does feels like these muscles need to be toned.

I have found that storing the stool under the toilet does not work for me, so I bring it towards instead.

The design is very nice and lightweight and can also be used a step-up to get into high cupboards. (Posted on 20 February 2016)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Product good but let down by delivery Review by JonnyM
Product Rating
I ordered the SP Slim at the same time as the adjustable bamboo SP. This does not feel as solid but looks good and does it's job. However, this stool, unlike the bamboo one, came without a box and thinly wrapped in bubble wrap. The stool had escaped from it's protection and therefore the edges were damaged. SNM replaced the stool but the replacement also came unboxed and wrapped in a thin layer of bubble wrap. I'm assuming the lack of box is down to Squatty Potty not Stress No More but this product is fairly expensive with, I imagine, the money going into the quality of the finishing. So why not finish the job and provide cardboard protection?
4 stars for the stool minus one for the wrapping.

Dear JonnyM
Thank you for your feedback. Yes we hear what you say and we are working on boxing all the squatties to prevent damage in the postal/delivery system and give you a better product.
Thank you for your feedback.
Customer Care Team (Posted on 18 June 2016)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Love it Review by UniWho
Product Rating
Does what it says. Much easier position and actually very stylish. Wipe clean.
You know what I mean. (Posted on 9 October 2015)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Life Changing Product ! Review by Uncle Fronk
Product Rating
The Squatty potty slim is a much ascetically neater version of a product that has a life changing effect on our family. To think we have gone through over 60 years going all 'wrong', at least we will have our remaining years going 'right'. It truly has transformed this part of our life. I listened to the theory of the right position to go, and was convinced enough to purchase. It has certainly changed our lifestyle for the better including helping a an IBS sufferer. (Posted on 1 February 2016)
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Great buy Review by Alittlpotti
Product Rating
I am extremely pleased with the purchase of the Squatty Potty Slim. Such a simple idea that solves a whole host of health problems. The design is neat & unobtrusive. (Posted on 12 May 2016)
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Nice design, both looks and functionality Review by Morbus C
Product Rating
Much easier to empty the system whilst squatting. Re (Posted on 19 January 2017)
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Product Questions


I'm interested to by the Squatty Potty Slim. When will you restock the item?


I've found that leaning forwards helps. Is this because the effective torso-leg angle is similar to when using a Squatty Potty or is my pelvis still at the wrong angle because I'm partially bending at the waist?

Also, how does this affect wearers of Florentine style chastity belts such as Neosteel and My-Steel? I wear a chains style but many others wear the more common style with a band with a hole in. Does using a Squatty Potty mean the hole is no longer in the right place?
Could you tell me the height of the Squatty Potty Slim?
This version doesn't appear to be angled in the same way as the original i.e. lifting the heels. Is that correct and if so, is there a reason for the change in design please?
Does the Squatty Potty Slim take up the same floor area as the plastic Ecco version?

Also, does the Slim version have the Squatty Potty text as shown in the photos, or is it plain wood on top?