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Squatty Potty Port-A-Squatty


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  1. Inflatable travel squatty potty toilet stool in strong, durable plastic
  2. Toilet squat stool easily inflates and deflates within seconds
  3. Hand pump included
  4. Discreet carry/storage bag included
  5. Easy to clean with a 8” height when fully inflated

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Squatting is good for you - IT'S OFFICIAL!

There are thousands of Squatty Potty converts enjoying the benefits of a traditional Squatty Potty toilet stool - but what about when we go on holiday? A traditional Squatty Potty won't fit into a suitcase and when we asked users what they wanted many said 'Make a portable Squatty Potty!' So here it is, Port-A-Squatty. The perfect travel companion guaranteed to relieve the traveling bowel blues.

Squatting to poo opens the flood gates - literally! When we use a squatting position it unkinks the bowel for a fuller, cleaner evacuation. When we adopt the squatting position there is no more struggling with constipation or being left with a post-poo 'not quite empty' bowel. If we do not completely eliminate all faeces and some remains in the bowel, this causes more constipation and can even lead to bowel disease and appendicitis.

The health benefits associated with squat toileting are enormous and they include shorter toileting time, a cleaner, more complete evacuation of the colon, ridding our bowel of disease-causing toxins, and haemorrhoid prevention.

Don't let your holiday or travel adventures be ruined by constipation!

Whether you are on holiday, on a business trip (Oh those late meals and bowel clogging airline foods) or visiting friends, the Port-A-Squatty portable Squatty Potty will go with you! It is fast to inflate and deflate and the perfect travel companion to keep you regular!

We all know that there is nothing worse than 'a change of water' to bring on constipation, and even though your Mediterranean holiday may mean you are eating lots more fruit and fibre than usual and maybe drinking more alcohol too things can still get bunged-up. That’s why you need Port A-Squatty - it'll make your travels so much smoother in more ways then one!

Constipation literally affects your whole being - from your bowels to your breath - it's time to get squatting!

Squatting unkinks the anorectal angle

The muscles surrounding our rectum control whether our bodies are in continence or elimination mode - basically whether we poo or not.

When sitting down the anorectal angle is kinked and the puborectalis muscle chokes the rectum, keeping faeces inside. It's only when we squat by lifting our knees higher than our hips that the anorectal angle is straightened out. This enables the puborectalis muscle to release the strangle-hold on the rectum, resulting in complete defecation.

So, whether you have a dislike for toilets other than your own, or the change in water is to blame for your sluggish bowel you need to know that sitting on a traditional toilet literally keeps your body in continence mode and makes it difficult to eliminate waste. Straining puts pressure on the muscles and blood vessels which can lead to painful haemorrhoids, and since the pelvic floor comes under a lot of stress too it can lead to bladder weakness too. The amazing fact is that 1.2 billion people around the world who squat when toiling have almost no incidence of diverticulosis and fewer problems with piles. However, we in the West squeeze and strain our gut tissue until it comes out of our bottoms. Literally.

With a portable Squatty Potty you can enjoy full elimination even if you are away from home!

Simple to inflate and deflate, the Port A Squatty packs neatly and travels with you wherever you go. So, dump the laxatives, the bloated tummy and bad breath and instead embrace your portable Squatty Potty and join the healthy colon revolution that is taking the world by storm!

Squatty Potty Porta-Squatty Instructions

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SKU / Product Code 10709
Brand Squatty Potty

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I wont travel without it! Review by Mrs K
Product Rating
Cant deny I am a 100% squatty fan and this inflatable travel squatty potty is a brilliant idea. I travel a lot to the US and I was concerned that my 'regular' visits might be disrupted. I stay in a lot of hotels and I am careful to eat my flax and drink loads of water, but sometimes I just get so constipated it is a nightmare. If a toilet has a small bin I can sometimes get my feet up on that, but mostly they are either too flimsy or just not suitable. this is easy to inflate and deflate and great for rinsing down in the shower before repacking and moving hotels again. Ideally squatty should be in every hotel! Just like the trouser press. Invaluable, I wont travel without it! (Posted on 21 July 2015)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Travel added to our suite of Squatty Potties! Review by Uncle Fronk
Product Rating
Having first bought a the original squatty potty, and then a much neater squatty potty slim for the en-suite, and since both of us are now converted to the huge benefits of using these, with a holiday coming up we were now facing the prospect of being away for a week where there would be no potty available! The solution of course is the travel version, that comes with a pouch and a pump to inflate. We can now go away with relief and confidence that our new regime will be preserved. (Posted on 22 February 2016)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Take it with you! Review by MikeB
Product Rating
It's basically a grey rectangular plastic beach ball. But it allows you to take the perfect pooping posture peripatetically!

Just get one! (Posted on 10 December 2015)
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