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Sonulase Age-Defying LightBrush

  1. 2 in 1, facial cleansing brush to exfoliate & deep cleanse away impurities and red light therapy
  2. Red light therapy increases collagen to fight wrinkles, sagging and signs of aging
  3. Deep home cleansing treatment uses antibacterial UV light to clean itself while charging
  4. Medical grade anti-aging technology for amazing results cleared by the FDA in the US
  5. Glowing, youthful, clear skin is yours with this amazing collagen boosting, deep cleansing brush!

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Sonulase Light therapy

Introducing The World’s First ‘Intelligent’ Age-Defying Skin Brush - this exfoliating brush with red light technology fights wrinkles while it cleanses!

Sonulase’s amazing cleansing brush is the first ever device to combine exfoliation and cleansing with the scientifically proven anti-aging effects of LED light therapyBefore and after

The Sonulase deep-penetrating, red light technology stimulates production of collagen, the essential structural protein that keeps skin firm, youthful and radiant looking,” explains Jonathan David, the inventor of Sonulase. At the same time, the gentle–yet deep cleaning–exfoliating brush removes impurities and smooths away surface imperfections. What’s more, this super ‘intelligent’ brush also cleans itself with a bacteria-fighting ultraviolet light each time it’s put back on the charger, This is the same light used to clean dental and surgical instruments. How smart is that!

Fight wrinkles with red light therapy, building collagen for GREAT RESULTS!

The skin improving powers of UV red light therapy were first discovered by NASA during research into ways of healing scars. It was found that as well as reducing scars, red light reduces wrinkles and sagging. This is because it’s able to reach into the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production. These two natural chemicals are what keep your skin plump and youthful; they decline with age so boosting them with red light will keep you looking young for years! The 660nm red light in Sonulase Age-Defying Brush is the same medical grade light that dermatologists use and will give you visible results in only four weeks.

Cleanse and exfoliate with the face brush

Facial brushes have become extremely popular in recent years as people around the world discover how amazing they are for their complexion! By cleaning your face with a brush, you will remove far more dead skin and dirt than cleaning with a face wash alone. The gentle exfoliation this brush provides also has an anti-aging effect – brushing away excess pigmentation and dead cells will give you softer, more radiant skin that’s perfectly clear. Moreover it will help to stimulate circulation and add that all important 'healthy glow' so often the secret of younger looking skin.

UV Cleanlight Technology cleans while it charges

Cleansing brushes are vulnerable to bacteria; it can build up over time, affecting the effectiveness of the brush and making it unhygienic to use. Sonulase have the perfect solution to this with their UV Cleanlight Technology. When you plug your brush in to charge, the ultraviolet light goes on automatically. This is the same type of light that’s used to clean dental and surgical instruments, so you can be sure of a fresh start with every use.

Sonulase recommend using the brush as part of your daily skincare routine, and with the red-light therapy mode two days a week. Revitalise your complexion and ragin your youthful glow with this amazing LED skin brush!









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SKU / Product Code 11907
Brand Sonulase
Recommended For Treats fine lines and wrinkles by exfoliating your skin and applying collagen-boosting red LED light therapy.
Included Contents Sonulase device, charging base, brush attachment, power adapter
Power Internal rechargable battery (charging port included)
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Speed 2 Speed settings
Waterproof No- do not submerge under water
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Red light cleansing brush Review by LIsaMona
Product Rating
Sagging jowls and lack-lustre skin was all that was greeting me and I decided I wanted a change. After pricing up the Clarisonic cleansing brush system I decided to pay that bit extra and combine the two units.
So far I have used it for 10 weeks and the effect is amazing. My skin feels smoother, gone is layer of dry, grey skin that covered my face and now I am literally glowing. I have the look of a well exfoliated Celebrity! I read a lot about red light therapy before I bought this and the difference is quite amazing. I had considered this vs the Opatra which I had seen last year at a Flower Show, however, the Opatra wasn't a cleansing brush and I thought the addition of cleansing together with the red light therapy would be better for me.
I am delighted and my face and glowing skin shows the visible results. I even had one friend ask me if I had had a face lift - bloody cheek - but I was flattered that I received great results. I will not be without this! (Posted on 16 May 2017)
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Lightbrush Review by Sal1
Product Rating
Only been using for one week so haven't seen any results as yet i feel its to soon to review but my skin feels much cleaner so i can review back in a couple of months time. Can only give 3☆ at moment for cleansing hopefully it will be 5 when ive given it a chance to do its magic. (Posted on 14 August 2017)
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noticeable results Review by QueSarah
Product Rating
Certainly top end of the market price wise but it does leave my skin feeling amazingly clean. certainly a salon finish. I wouldn't be able to use it twice a day because I do have sensitive skin, but I definitely have noticed a real improvement in the look and feel of my skin. I feel this has improved circulation because my skin has a fresh bloom to it, that I haven't had for years. I felt my skin was literally grey, it was dry and not smooth.
Would be nice to have a range of cleansing products from this range as I am a real convert to light therapy and skin brushes. (Posted on 12 December 2017)
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