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Sonulase Acne-Fighting Lightbrush


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  1. Acne treatment that utilises blue light to destroy the bacteria that causes acne
  2. 360-degree cleansing brush removes dirt and impurities from the skin
  3. The brush uses UV light to clean itself and destroy any trapped bacteria
  4. Reduces the production of excessive sweat and sebum to prevent shiny skin
  5. Complete safe technology that is FDA cleared

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What actually is acne and why do we get it?

There are numerous different causes of acne, but the main reason is usually due to hormonal changes, which is why teenagers are the most common sufferers, their hormones are all over during puberty. When these hormone levels change the grease-producing glands in the skin to produce more oil (sebum). It then develops into acne when dead skin cells and the skins natural oils block the hair follicles in your skin. Bacteria then enters the blocked follicles and starts multiplying. Your immune cells then react and try to defend your body against the bacteria, the effects are what causes the symptoms of acne: redness, swelling and spots.

Another cause can be poor hygiene, which causes a build-up of the sebum which leads to the bacteria to developing and multiplying.

 Over cleaning can also cause problems, washing your skin can reduce the level of sebum too much, your body then reacts to this by over-producing it to get back to the level it should be, this again, causes the increase in bacteria.

Most treatments for acne, in particular skin creams and cleaners, try to reduce the levels of sebum or grease which can be a delicate process to ensure you get right, you don’t want to remove it all, your body produces it for a reason. They are pretty ineffective as finding the right balance is difficult. The better way to rid your skin of acne would be to reduce the level of the acne-causing bacteria. The serums that promise to do this are usually filled with harsh chemicals which can aggravate other skin problems.

How can light therapy help acne?

Blue light therapy has been scientifically proven to target and kill the germs and bacteria that cause acne and blemishes, reducing the appearance of breakouts in a way that is gentle to skin. When blue light reaches the sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin, it excites compounds produced by bacteria called porphyrins. When excited by light, these porphyrins kill the bacteria. Blue light is also able to reduce the production of sebum and sweat so greasy and shiny skin will no longer be a worry! Blue light will prevent more spots from forming while improving the clarity, texture, and smoothness of your skin and unlike most skincare products is completely natural and uses zero chemicals to kill the bacteria.

Sonulase Acne-Fighting LightBrush will banish acne for good!

Sonulase Acne-Fighting LightBrush brings you unique face-cleansing results that you have never experienced before. It is one of the only devices that combines the power of blue-light penetrating therapy and a 360-degree rotation cleaning brush. This combination efficiently removes grime and impurities from the surface of the skin and eliminates bacteria in the deeper layers of skin. It consequently reduces breakouts of acne. The 360-degree brush rotation efficiently removes dirt and oil, helping the light penetrate easier and deeper into the skin to significantly improve the results. If you simply want to use the device for the benefits of the light, then the brush head can be removed so you can place it close to the skin to help the penetration of the light.

The Sonulase Acne-Fighting LightBrush is also a much more therapeutic and simple way to fight acne, you only need to use the device for 2-3 minutes, 3-4 times a week. It has 2 speed settings so the treatment can be set to what you feel most comfortable.

UV Cleanlight Technology

Lots of cleaning brushes are difficult to clean which can mean the cause more problems than they prevent, the soft bristles of the brushes are a perfect environment to trap and harbour bacteria, these bacteria are then brushed onto the skin, doing the opposite of its intended purpose. Sonulase Acne-Fighting LightBrush contains UV light technology that self-cleans the brush head of all bacteria so you can use it safe in the knowledge you aren’t causing more problems for your skin. You won’t need to expose your skin to damaging UV light either, the UV light is only emitted on an automatic cycle when the brush is placed on the charging station.

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SKU / Product Code 11908
Programmes Light Off/On, Low Speed & High Speed
Brand Sonulase
Recommended For Sufferers of mild to severe acne that need a gentle and skin friendly treatment
Included Contents 1 Sonulase Blue Light Cleansor, Charging Unit
Certification FDA Cleared
Power Charging Station (UK Mains)
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Product Weight 500g
Speed Low Speed & High Speed
Washing Instructions Brush head is self-cleaning
Waterproof No, Do not submerge under water
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Great for menopausal acne Review by Becky L
Product Rating
I developed menopausal acne in my early 40's and I have to be scrupulously clean and avoid cross contamination. This cleansing brush together with the light treatment for my acne is having noticeably positive results. My acne scarring is diminished and my acne is not so angry or red. The brush is really effective and rotates right the way round for effective cleansing, deep into the pores. I use it twice daily, but I make sure that I don't overuse it as it is effective. (Posted on 2 February 2018)
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