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Sissel Hang Up Pro Inversion Table

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  1. Professional Level inversion table to help reduce back pain with inversion table therapy
  2. Reduces the need to visit the chiropractor by relieving tension on the spine
  3. Super-safe to use at home, improves posture, circulation, and flexibility
  4. Brake lever system allows you to safely use without any supervision
  5. Padding on the feet and back rest for comfortable home-use inversion therapy

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Enjoy the amazing health benefits of inversion table therapy - you'll be amazed how good it feels and how many health problems inversion therapy can solve!

Herniated disk

Imagine if some made you carry a large rucksack all day every day, your back would soon start hurting. Well from the day we start walking our back, in particular our spine, is being put under constant pressure just like this. Gravity is acting on our bodies all the time and although you can’t feel it there is constant force that is compressing our spines which over time causes us all issues which is why as we get older the worse our back pain gets.

As the spinal column in forced down because of gravity the disks absorb the pressure, this causes fluid to be forced out of them which means they can't perform their function as the backs ‘shock absorber' which leads to further back problems such as herniated disks, rotation fatigue, sciatic nerve pain and stiffness.

Most doctors only focus the symptoms that you are suffering from and fail to address the root of the issues. When we look at back pain a doctor will give you dose a of anti-inflammatories or advise EMS. In the short-term this is great but if you don’t solve the problem at the source then medication will be your only option for the rest of your life.

The only time we stop gravity compressing our spine is when we lay down but this isn’t enough to fully allow the spine to decompress. Inversion therapy is a form of spinal decompression and traction which takes the stresses caused by gravity off our backs. When the body's weight is suspended from the lower body the pull of gravity decompresses the joints of the body below the anchor. Hanging by the feet, as with the Sissel Hang Up Pro Inversion Table, causes joints of the back to be stretched and expanded which allows your back to fully relax and the disks to refill with the fluid they lose allowing your body to perform its natural functions properly.

Using an inversion table has been found to;

  • Reduce back pain
  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Posture
  • Improve Circulation
  • Increase flexibility and mobility

This professional level Inversion Therapy Table is the fastest way to a healthier lifestyle in the comfort of your own home - it's so easy.

The Sissel Hang Up Pro is extremely easy, safe and comfortable to use. The brake lever system means that you can gradually invert yourself to a position that you feel comfortable in so that you can stay inverted for enough time to allow your spine to decompress. Being held upside for an extended period of time can make anyone nervous but the Sissel Hang Up Pro will put you at ease, a padded locking system will allow you to lock it as tight as possible whilst ensuring it isn’t uncomfortable, a solid steel frame will ensure it doesn’t just collapse and widely spaced feet with widely spaced legs ensures the inversion table won’t move anywhere whilst you are on it.

As the pressures of life mount as we grow older don’t let the pressure of gravity cause more problems, 1 or 2 short inversion sessions a day will banish back pain and stress

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SKU / Product Code 12099
Brand Sissel

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