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Sissel Hang Up Inversion Table

  1. Expertly designed inversion table suitable for professionals and use at home by individuals
  2. Get amazing relief from back and joint pain with inversion therapy
  3. Enhance circulation and relieve compression on the spinal column
  4. Quality construction that holds up to 110kg of weight and folds up for easy storage
  5. Can also be used to enhance athletic exercises like sit-ups and crunches

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Beat back and joint pain by relieving the pressure on your spine naturally with this space-saving inversion therapy table

Inversion therapy is a simple but effective treatment that provides wonderful relief from bodily aches and tension. Back and joint pain is often a result of excess compression in your spinal column and load-bearing joints; this will make you feel stiff, achy and uncomfortable and can cause permanent damage as it builds up over time.

Inversion tables are used by chiropractors and physiotherapists to relieve this compression and can also be easily used at home to treat yourself. The Sissel Hang Up Inversion Table is ideal for this as it has been expertly designed and constructed with the utmost quality, while being affordable and simple to use even without training.


sissel inversion tableWhat is inversion therapy and how can it help?

Inversion therapy stretches the back by reversing the force of gravity that is usually pressing your joints and spine together. This relieves any compression that could be cauing you pain, allowing your spine and joints to relax and recover. As this therapy uses your body weight, it is automatically customised to what your body can handle, making it ideal as a gentle but effective rehab therapy.

Inversion therapy can:

  • Decrease pressure on your spinal column
  • Decrease tension in your joints
  • Reduce pain and achiness
  • Increase the blood flow to your upper body and enhance circulation
  • Relieve strain cause by exercise, lifting and long periods of sitting or standing
  • Aid and enhance athletic workouts like sit-ups and crunches
  • Help improve your posture


The Sissel Hang Up – perfect for at-home treatment

The Sissel Hang Up is constructed from robust but lightweight materials; it can support up to 110kg (17 stone 3lb) of weight but is easily folded away flat for compact storage when not in use. The comfortably padded ankle supports can be adjusted for your height (from 1.4 metres to 2 metres/4ft 7” to 6ft 6”) and will keep you in the correct position as you are inverted. Padded handles help you to adjust the level of inversion yourself and give you something to hold onto during your treatment.


Your quick start guide to inversion therapy

  1. Make sure the ankle supports are at the right height and are holding your ankle securely
  2. Start with an inversion of about 15 degrees and stay this way until you feel comfortable
  3. Progress by a few angles each time as you become more confident, working your way up by about 10 degrees each week until your reach a maximum of 60-90 degrees
  4. Increase the duration of your inversion slowly for up to 10 minutes
  5. Keep your body relaxed as you are inverted and enjoy the feeling of relief on your joints
  6. As you are coming back upright, stay in a horizontal position for 1-2 minutes to let your blood flow adjust
  7. Use 2-3 times a day as needed

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SKU / Product Code 11139
Brand Sissel
Recommended For Treating and providing relief from back and joint pain, enhancing exercise
Included Contents 1 table with instructions
Adjustable Yes - fits any height from 1.4 - 2 metres (4feet 7 inches - 6 feet 6 inches)
CE Approved Yes
Colour Black
Function Holds body weight of up to 110kg (17 stone 3 pounds)
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Total : 2 Reviews
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Absolutely recommended, feel tall, pain free and strangely powerful, hope that makes sense.. Review by Shel8767
Product Rating
Excellent inversion table it has totally changed my posture and the pressure from my lower back pain in little over a week. It is sturdy and feels safe, I have used a friend that was 'wobbly' and I couldn't relax on that one, I have to feel safe to properly relax to allow th inversion therapy to work, its no use being tense. I opted for this one, my husband is 6ft 6 and he fits in it, and we both unsure if would or not as several only go up to 6 foot, as a tall man he had been plagued by a bad back after suffering a slipped disc 10 years ago.
I found it a very strange experience at first but I have really got used to it now and the levels of relaxation to allow the stretch is very relaxing, its almost as if I feel the pain melting away with each micro stretch of my spine.Awesome feeling, noticeable results. I always use training shoes when using inversion, it helps to get a firm position and feel more secure. I practiced a number of smaller angles of inversion first for a few minutes to get used to it, and now I have progressed to a full inversion 90 degrees with my arms above my head. I learned about this on a yoga holiday when we practised inversion therapy with ropes, it was amazingly beneficial to my breathing, posture and pain, I felt stretched and taller - a most pleasant empowering feeling! My husband prefers to do an inversion of about 60 degrees this works for him. Currently I use inversion therapy for my back pain twice a day, in the morning and night. I would use it at lunchtime if I had access to an inversion table, but the local gym where I am a member doesn't have one (yet!) I am nagging them about it though.
I work in IT so I am at a desk all day, I have optimised this for my lower back pain with a coccyx wedge and lumbar support but with the inversion table I can say that I have not had to resort to muscle rub or pain killers for over a week now, so I do feel it is having a positive effect. I will report back after 3 or 6 months, if this improvement continues I will be 4 inches taller than I am now and that would be lovely <said the 5 ft 2 and shrinking woman!!>
On the whole this table at the upper price we wanted to pay, there are cheaper versions out there, but the previous one we purchased from Argos was so flimsy I just couldn't use it, let alone assemble the parts that arrived in a plain box with vague instructions! If the table is flimsy you wont relax and get the best out of it. Top marks for this and for regular inversion therapy, it's worked for both my husband and I.
Absolutely recommended, feel tall, pain free and strangely powerful, hope that makes sense.. (Posted on 13 April 2016)
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I would highly recommend this Review by Major Ken
Product Rating
Completely eradicated my lower back pain. I've got a herniated disc and the relief from this is outstanding. I've developed my own inversion routine for my back therapy using different angles, from 45 to 60 degrees. I've also got osteoporosis and my Consultant has said that the improvement in circulation and blood flow will benefit this condition too. I found that using the inversion table could be a bit uncomfortable on my ankles at first , but this was rectified by wearing a pair of training shoes that cover the ankle, so that my weight was supported evenly and no undue pressure on the ankles.
I would highly recommend this (Posted on 13 June 2017)
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