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Saneo Sport Muscle Training Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Machine

  1. EMS Machine to help muscle growth and firming
  2. Electrical muscle stimulation device has 20 different programs to suit your needs
  3. Train, build  and relieve your muscles effortlessly
  4. Burns body fat by mimicking exercise
  5. 20 programmes; warm up, muscle building, support, training, pain relief and configurable programmes

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No pain, no gain? This EMS machine makes that “after the gym feeling” a thing of the past!

As much as we all love feeling fit and healthy; not all of us can devote the time to go for an hour work out. Whether it is work, family or plainly, you just don’t want to; exercising isn’t your idea of ‘fun’. If we told you that you could do up to 20 different workouts without even having to leave your home, would you believe us? Does it sound too good to be true? Well guess what, the Saneo Sport Muscle Training EMS machine allows you to train, build and relieve your muscles so you can shape up and get that dream body you’ve always wanted.

The device uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS); the device will send pulses to targeted muscles, mimicking the same contractions that would be carried out if the muscles were actively training. It’s often used in sports rehabilitation for example; if an athlete has a leg injury which means they are out of action for a while, an EMS machine will trick the muscle into believing that it is being used. So even when the athlete isn’t actively moving; the muscle is strengthening due to the EMS machine. The Saneo Sport can help to train your muscles, build your endurance performance and strengthen specific muscles/muscle groups without… moving a muscle!

You can use the Saneo Sport EMS machine several times a day if you wish; there are no side effects. This fantastic piece of equipment can even mimic your WHOLE work out; from warming up, muscle training, aerobic/anaerobic endurance training, cross training, follow-up training, stretching and even pain relief, but there’s also so much more!

Even if you do go to the gym regularly; that “day after” feeling can be torturous and especially if it’s only Monday! What are you supposed to do for the rest of the week? Be in agony for the rest of the week and avoid the gym? With Saneo Sport, the pain relief programmes help sore muscles, swelling, pulled muscles, torn ligaments, tennis elbow and much more; just place the electrodes on or around the area of pain and sit back and relax! You’ll be back at the gym before you know it!

Why not use the Saneo Sport even after a hard core gym session? Perform some crunches after you’re completely crunched out to achieve that desirable torso you want to show off in summer; and feel AB-U-LOUS!

With the Saneo Sport EMS machine there’s the user definable programmes that can be individually adjusted and can be configured to your requirements, for example pulses per second, pause time etc.

If you want to achieve the most out of your electrical muscle stimulation machine, you will have to make minor adjustments. You won’t get the body you’ve always wanted if you use Saneo Sport four times a day but eat four chocolate bars! Make some changes to your diet and you will notice a significant difference. Also, be sure to be patient; it won’t happen overnight! Be persistent with your training and once you start noticing that you’re slimming and trimming – keep going and don’t give up!

Be body beautiful with the Saneo Sport Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Machine.

Programme details

  1. Warm up I
  2. Warm up II
  3. Chest/Shoulder musculature, upper back musculature
  4. Front and back, upper and lower arm (incl. biceps and triceps)
  5. Straight and oblique abs musculature, lower back musculature
  6. Buttocks
  7. Thighs
  8. Lower leg
  9. Aerobic endurance training i.e. biking, walking, swimming etc
  10. Anaerobic endurance training i.e. tennis and squash
  11. Strength and speed training i.e. football, basketball, volleyball etc.
  12. Explosive strength training i.e. sprinting, short-distance swimming, long jump, throwing sports etc
  13. Cross training – to achieve a good level of fitness in all muscle activity
  14. Relaxation – after training
  15. New Strength – Training session to restore muscles “on the day after”
  16. Stretching – intensified stretch effect
  17. Pain relief I – Provides continuous stimulation
  18. Pain relief II – varying stimulation
  19. U1 – user one
  20. U2 – user two

Skin electrode placement and EMS machine programmes

Saneo Sport Skin Electrode Placement

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SKU / Product Code 10651
Brand Saneo Line
Included Contents Saneo Sport Control Device, 4x (50mm x 50mm) Skin Electrodes, 4x (50mm x 90mm) Skin Electrodes, 2x Cable Connection For Electrodes, 9V Battery, Instruction Manual
Power 9v Battery (Included)
User Manual View and/or Download the Saneo Sport Flyer
Function Not Suitable For: Who wear a pace maker or any other implanted electrical device, pregnant women, those with epilepsy or a heart rhythm disorder
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It works Review by Gary
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I bought SaneoSPORT primarily for recovery after hard workouts. It is simple and effective and it works. (Posted on 8 July 2015)
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What is the life span of the pads. Are they replacable
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