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Pump Worx MEGA-VAC Power Pump

  1. Automatic Power Erection Pump with powerful vacuum with free erection ring
  2. Battery powered erection pump for strong erections quickly
  3. Instant erections with no side effects
  4. Drug-free way to create a strong erection
  5. Improves stamina & performance while adding length and girth

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Professional grade vacuum pump for stronger more powerful erections.

Pump Worx Mega VacThe Mega-Vac Power Pump by Pump Worx is a painless, drug-free, non-surgical solution to help you achieve a strong and long-lasting erection quickly and effortlessly.

Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition and effects around 50% of all men aged between the ages of 40 and 70. However, erectile dysfunction is easily treatable; vacuum therapy devices, which encourage blood to flow to the penis and cause an erection, are successful in treating 90% of cases.

Unlike many other erection pumps, the Mega-Vac Power Pump is battery operated and works simply at the touch of a button. The pump creates negative pressure, drawing blood into the penis and helps to achieve an erection. The Mega-Vac Power Pump is compatible with all water-based and silicone-based lubricants and features graduated measurements so that you can monitor your improvement and progress with continued use.

Over time, the corpus cavernous inside the penis will adapt to the extra flow of blood and produce it by itself; meaning that over time, the penis will react faster and stronger to future sexual stimulation. So not only will you get short term results with the penis pump, you could also achieve natural erections again in the long term.

The Mega-Vac pump contains everything you need to get started to allow you to enjoy a more fulfilling love life and regain your self-confidence.

Quality where it counts - and there's a FREE erection ring included too!

The clear vacuum cylinder gives you the chance to see it in operation, no chance of you over using it because you can monitor your progress every step of the way. The tube is thick, heavy grade acrylic - so it won't collapse or cave in under vacuum pressure. Releasing the pressure is easy too - a quick press on the button above the power switch and pressure is released from the vacuum tube. We've also included a free penis ring with this set to help you to maintain an erection too, this is particularly useful for men who find that they can get a strong erection, but cannot maintain it.

As with all penis pumps, it is a case of those who use one regularly, get the best results. And of course, the most important part is that the more you use it, the more your pelvic area gets used to strong erections once again, and circulation is improved together with muscle tone - use it or lose it - and this pump will surely help you get back to using it!

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SKU / Product Code 92254
Brand StressNoMore
Included Contents Pump Worx Power Pump, FREE erection ring included, Cleaner, Thickening Cream, Lubricant
Material Body Safe Plastic & TPR
Length Tube length 17cm (6.75 inches), Tube Width 6cm (2.25 inches).
Power 2 x AA Batteries - Not Included
Colour White and Clear
Washing Instructions Wash with warm soapy water or body safe anti-bacterieal cleaner
Width 6cm (2.25 inches)
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Summary Review by Jake
Product Rating
Bought this device some 2 weeks ago,was no better than my previous purchases from other online sites, worked quite well for 6 or 7 times then died. tis now in the bin like the others

Dear Jake,
Thank you for your review, please do contact me because I want you to be happy with your purchase and we can sort out this faulty product for you.
Here to help
Customer Care Team (Posted on 28 February 2017)
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do you get the rings with this pump
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