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WaterClean Shower Douche

  • Shower douche attaches to any standard shower hose
  • Shower enema concealed within a standard shower head
  • The discreet way to keep yourself clean and avoid constipation
  • Use for douching, enemas and normal showers
  • High quality standard shower head with 3 water strengths
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This discreet douche shower head allows you to regularly cleanse yourself or treat constipation without the risk of embarrassment

There are various health conditions that can mean you need to perform occasional enemas in order to relieve constipation and cleanse your digestive system. You may also just enjoy the clean feeling from an enema, or like to use one as the precursor to a detox.

Whatever your reason for needing to perform, you may feel self-conscious about your friends and family finding out. An excellent solution for this is to install this specially designed enema shower head in your bathroom. It can be used for enemas, douching and normal showering, with a clever design that means your guests will never know.

This showerhead is a discreet way to ensure that you are able to perform an enema or douche whenever you need to. The douche head attaches to the end of any standard shower hose so that you can clean yourself using your standard water supply. A high quality standard shower head screws over the top of the douche head in seconds, concealing it from view and allowing the water to go through as with a normal shower. The standard head has three strengths that use different amounts of water – an intense stream, a general shower stream and a lighter, rainfall-like strength.

The shower head is simple to install on any shower and comes with a standard ½ inch thread, gasket and O-ring. It is so much more convenient to be able to quickly incorporate douching or enemas as part of your normal bathing routine, with no tell-tale specialist equipment lying around for prying eyes to find.

Use WithAny standard shower hose
ContentsShower head, douche attachment, standard 1/2 inch thread, gasket, O-ring
AdjustableStandard shower head has 3 adjustable water strengths