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Veda Lab Microalbumin Blood Protein Home Test Kit  1
Veda Lab Microalbumin Blood Protein Home Test Kit  1
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Veda Lab Kidney Health Home Test Kit

  • Accurate identification of microalbuminuria
  • Microalbuminuria testing is recommended for early detection of kidney disease
  • Simple and easy urine sample strip test
  • Accurate results available in the comfort of your own home
  • CE certified for self-test use
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What is Albumin?

Albumin is the main protein found in blood. When healthy kidneys clean waste from your blood, tiny filters prevent large albumin molecules from leaving your body in urine. Normally, just a trace of albumin, or none will get through the filters. But if your kidneys are damaged, larger amounts of albumin may pass into your urine.

Why take a Microalbumin Blood Protein Home Test Kit?

Using Veda Lab Microalbumin Blood Protein Home Test Kit is a way of checking for very small amounts of a protein called albumin in a sample of your urine. Small amounts of albumin in urine, sometimes called microalbumin, may be one of the first signs of kidney disease. If you find kidney disease early, you can get treatment before it gets worse. Early kidney disease usually doesn't have any symptoms. So, if you have a high risk for kidney disease, you need a microalbumin test so you can find kidney disease and treat it before it causes serious health problems. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the most common causes of kidney disease.

Simply use the supplied testing strip with a sample of your urine for fast, accurate results. Always contact your GP if you are concerned about any symptoms or results.

Recommend ForThis urine albumin test checks the albumin levels in the urine because abnormal amounts of this protein can be a sign of kidney problems.
Contents1 Test Kit, Instructions
CertificationCE Mark