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U-Breast Enhancement Device

  • Breast augmentation device; bigger breasts without surgery!
  • Natural breast enhancement, increase your bust without risk or pain
  • Uses electro-stimulation technology to permanently increase size and fullness
  • Can also work to soothe common breast aches and pains
  • Initial results can be seen in just 2 months
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The U-Breast Enlargement Device naturally enhances and firms your bust

The safe and comfortable U-Breast Enlargement Device uses innovative massager technology to increase the size and fullness of your breasts through electro-stimulation. In addition, it strengthens the ligaments and promotes healthy tissue by stimulating blood flow for improved circulation.

How Does the U-Breast device work?

The circular pads are applied to your bust, held in place by your bra and controlled by you via the multi-speed unit. The U-Breast operates with 5 massage settings and each massage acts differently depending on the intensity, of which there are 16 different modes.

The electro-stimulation penetrates through the skin to stimulate the cells in your breasts and boost circulation. This circulation increase can reactivate the cellular renewal process which encourages the muscles and ligaments in your chest to firm and strengthen creating a gradual increase in your bust size that is permanent. In addition, its micro-computerized system produces breast stimulus needed for cell renewal and hormone secretion.

Who is U-Breast suitable for?

The U-Breast Enhancement Device is perfect for those women who do want fuller, firmer, breasts but do not want the expense, risk or pain of cosmetic surgery. It is also a fantastic alternative to supplements and creams that just do not work for many women.

Breastfeeding babies can have a big impact on the size and shape of your breasts, leaving them smaller and flatter than they were before. The U-Breast Enhancement Device is an affordable and safe option for mums who have finished breastfeeding and want to improve the appearance of their bust.

What can you expect from the U-Breast?

The intensity level of your session is in your hands via the neat U-Breast device unit. Once your session begins you will start to feel a soft massaging sensation; pleasant and relaxing. Not only can this massage action help to increase your breast size, but it can also help other breast complaints such as aches, pains and general discomfort.

You should use your U-reast Enhancement Device 4-5 times per week, for 15 minutes each time, and the first signs of an increase in size can be apparent in just 2 months. Thereafter, significant growth can occur within 3-6 months.

Why is U-Breast such a great alternative to breast enhancement surgery?

We really can’t fault the U-Breast as an alternative option to breast enlargement proceedures. Breast implant surgery is expensive and comes with major risks, including infection, the implants moving or the implants being rejected by the body. Even surgery to lift the breast without any implants poses the same risks and potential complications. Plus, no breast enhancement surgery is completely free from some degree of scarring and a potential lack of sensation in the nipples.

U-Breast is a far safer alternative and will not cause any unsightly scars. CE certified, the U-Breast works with your body and is based on scientific technology. This method of breast enhancement is recommended by professionals as a safe, body-friendly way to increase your breast size permanently.

Pain is also a major factor; recovering from breast enhancement surgery is an incredibly painful process, and it is months before swelling and pain completely dissipates. Some women who have particularly bad experiences of surgery even find that they are permanently left with pain, particularly if the implant is too large for the body or they have nerve damage. U-Breast is completely pain-free, both during and after treatment. Plus, at under £100 it is a far more affordable option too compared to surgery which can cost thousands.

ContentsU-Breast unit, 2x vibrating pads, 1 x Bottle Transonic Gel