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Tua Silver  Electronic Stimulator 1
Tua Silver  Electronic Stimulator 2
Tua Silver  Electronic Stimulator 3
Tua Silver  Electronic Stimulator 4
Tua Silver  Electronic Stimulator 5
Tua Silver  Electronic Stimulator 6
Tua Silver  Electronic Stimulator 7
Tua Silver  Electronic Stimulator 8
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Tua Silver Dual Function Electrostimulator

  • Body sculpts, tones, strengthens, lifts, smooths and firms your body
  • Painless microcurrent stimulation exercises target muscles for amazing results
  • Patented Rotofit technology allows correct muscle groups to be targeted
  • Adjustable belt included for easy hands-free treatment
  • 6 different exercise programs designed by experts, cellulite treatment programme included
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Sculpt and shape your body the easy way with the incredible Tua Silver Electrostimulator.

It’s incredibly common to notice areas of cellulite or wobbly skin, and it’s not always easy to get rid of them, even if you hit the gym on a regular basis. Using hydro electronic microcurrent technology, TUA Silver allows you to target your problem areas with intense exercise programs which can lift, firm, slim and shape your body to perfection.

The Tua Silver system works by delivering mild electric stimulation (microcurrents) to muscles in order to make them rhythmically contract and relax. This exercises the muscles for you in order to strengthen and tone your body.

The microcurrents also work to increase cellular function and metabolism in the surrounding soft skin and tissues. This helps to cleanse the area of built up toxicities, increase blood flow and the absorption of nutrients, and helps to smooth and firm the appearance of the skin.

Tua Silver uses sponge electrodes to deliver the microcurrents to the muscles. This innovative technique means you can slightly moisten the electrodes for improved conductivity. For smaller muscle mass areas, such as the upper arms, bust, back and calf muscles, apply the electrodes directly to the skin and attach to the control unit.

For larger muscle mass areas such as the abs, thighs and bum, you can attach the control unit to the unique Tua Silver belt which features 2 pairs of sponge electrodes and a patented Rotofit system.

Rotofit allows each electrode pair to slide together, apart, left and right, to completely rotate, and to curve to adapt to the shape of the body. This flexibility in the placement of the electrodes ensures that they are in the optimum position as it is incredibly important that the size, shape and position of the targeted muscles is taken into account. Rotofit will help you to precisely target the most important muscle groups for a more thorough effective treatment.

Tua Silver features a total of 6 pre-set programs which have been designed by a team of experts to provide specific types of exercise:


This program delivers short and fast muscle contractions and pauses in order to mimic an intense aerobic workout. This causes the cells of the stimulated tissues to use more energy which they take from surrounding excess fat. This program therefore allows you to burn fat exactly in the areas that you want to use it.


There are many reasons why our muscles and skin may lose tone; hormonal changes can result in the skin losing elasticity; pregnancy can cause the skin to stretch and then relax, sudden weight loss or weight gain can have the same impact, and simply getting older can result in us losing muscle mass and tone. This program has been designed to stimulate the targeted area rapidly in order to increase nourishment of tissues, tone up muscles and drain liquid for a smoother appearance.


This program is designed to stimulate the tissues in such a way that will cleanse the cells of built up toxicities which can cause liquid retention, fatty deposits and uneven skin tone. The Lipocell program is brilliant for treating cellulite, particularly on the buttocks and thighs.


Building up muscle mass is a great way to improve the appearance of loose, sagging skin and tissues. This program is designed to restore muscle volume which can help to lift and sculpt your body.


This program is designed to strengthen muscles in order to make your body look and feel firmer and improve your health and posture. This program is particularly useful on the back and arms.


Muscle relaxation is just as important as stimulation when aiming to improve muscle strength and function. This program is designed reduce tension on connective fibres and prevent stiff, unhealthy muscles. The Relax program also helps to increase blood flow throughout the muscles to enhance cellular function and improve the performance of the muscles when next exercised.

Tua Silver is one of the most advanced body sculpting systems on the market, and when used 3 times each week it can create visible results within 8 to 10 weeks, if not sooner. It is a painless, non-invasive alternative to liposuction or other cosmetic surgery, not to mention more affordable.

Not only can Tua Silver help you to sculpt your body to perfection, it helps to make muscles and tissues stronger and healthier too; so not only will Tua become part of your beauty regime, it will be part of your exercise plan too.

Please note: This item can only be shipped within the UK.

Recommend ForSlimming, toning, lifting and strengthening thighs, buttocks, abs, back, arms and décolletage
Contents1 x Tua Silver control pod, 1 x belt with Rotofit System, 1 x adjustable extension, 4 x self-adhesive electrodes, 2 x lead wires, 1 x water dispenser bottle, 1 x spare sponge kit (4 spare sponges), 1 x case, 1 x operation manual, 4 x AAA batteries
Electrodes4 on belt, 4 self-adhesive
Power4 x AAA batteries (inluded)
Warranty1 year