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CCS Swedish Formula Perfumed Foot Bath Salt 1
CCS Swedish Formula Perfumed Foot Bath Salt 1
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CCS Swedish Formula Foot Care Perfumed Foot Bath Salt

  • CCS Swedish Formula: The No.1-foot bath product in Sweden
  • A cleansing, softening foot bath solution that leaves a beautiful and delicate scent
  • Prepare your feet for the summer months or holidays and show them off with pride
  • Foaming formula softens the hard skin of the feet, allowing for easy removal of dead skin to reveal the beautiful, soft skin underneath
  • The uplifting scent will leave you feeling totally pampered with just 1-2 tablespoons needed in your footbath
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Take Care of Your Feet with Swedish Formula

The heels and soles of the feet are one of the hardest working parts of your body, they don’t always get the TLC they deserve and can become prone to dryness and cracks. Get your feet looking and feeling fantastic, especially when summer is around the corner with CCS Swedish Formula Cleansing Foot Bath. Don’t let those cracks in your feet get deeper, leaving them can open you up to infection and wounds that can cause great discomfort when trying to get on with your daily life. A regular foot spa treatment using the highly regarded Swedish Formula Cleansing Foot Bath keeps those feet looking, feeling and smelling divine!

Swedish Formula Cleansing Foot Bath Leaves Your Feet Smelling, Looking and Feeling Fantastic

This beautifully scented foot bath is hydrating and cleansing, and can help to reduce callus build-up; providing relief from dry, itchy skin. This is especially important for those with diabetes; the condition can hamper blood flow to the feet, restricting the rejuvenation of the skin cells.

CCS Swedish Formula Cleansing Foot Bath is delicately perfumed and formulated to lock moisture in to the skin with every 15 minute soak (of course, you can and will probably want to soak your feet for longer!).

CCS Swedish Formula is the No.1 foot bath product in Sweden and their products are highly regarded by podiatrists and chiropodists the world over.

Instructions for use:

Add 1-2 tablespoons to water warmed to your liking. This can be a specifically designed foot bath, an accommodating basin or a bath tub. Soak those deserving feet for 15 minutes and allow the skin to soften. Afterwards why not use a foot file or pumice stone to remove dead skin and follow up by massaging the beautifully softening CCS Swedish Formula Foot Care Cream in to your feet, they’ll thank you for it!