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Sunrise and Sunset Wake Up Light   1
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Sunrise and Sunset Wake Up Light   1
Sunrise and Sunset Wake Up Light   2
Sunrise and Sunset Wake Up Light   3
Sunrise and Sunset Wake Up Light   4
Sunrise and Sunset Wake Up Light   5
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Sunrise and Sunset Wake Up SAD Light

  • Wake-up gently and naturally with this wake-up light
  • Gently wakes you for a more natural start to the day
  • Ambient mood lamp can help you get to sleep by mimicking a beautiful sunset
  • Option to use the radio or built-in nature alarm sounds to help wake you up
  • Create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom with the multiple rainbow colours
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Sunrise and sunset effects for a natural way to wake and fall asleep

The nature of your bodies’ sleep pattern is largely influenced by your surroundings – in particular, light. Your body is wired to wake up naturally to the light of dawn. Which when you need to wake up early for work, particularly in winter, can make it much more difficult. If it is still dark when you are getting up then your body won’t be ready which is why you will still feel sluggish no matter how much sleep you have.

The Sunrise and Sunset Wake Up Light gives you a gentle and natural awakening from your sleep. The light simulates the sunrise by gradually and gently getting brighter. This way your body can gradually get used to the light conditions and your body prepares itself for waking up instead of the sudden jolting awakening an alarm clock would give you. As a wake-up call you can use both the radio as well as various in-built ambient nature sounds for a tailored experience, unique to you.

You can also use the light to simulate a sunset to help you relax and get your body for a good, long night’s sleep. The sunset light mode will gradually dim the light until it is turned off, simulating falling asleep to a beautiful sunset. Perfect as a sleep aid, or for children that prefer sleeping with a comforting light beside them. Also featuring a colourful ambient light setting which creates a gorgeous ambiance in any room at any time of day. Perfect for creating a cosy, pleasant atmosphere. You can pick and choose the perfect settings to settle down for a restful nights sleep.

Light therapy is a genius way to combat symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder during dark and gloomy days. 1 in 5 of us experience a dip in mood and energy during the winter months, which is typically referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). But, for those of us who are not exposed to much sunlight throughout the rest of the year either it can take an even greater toll, both mentally and physically! You might feel low in mood or energy, lose interest in the activities you usually enjoy, feel irritable or guilty, sleep for longer and find it harder to get up in the morning. By emitting replica sunlight, this Wake Up Light provides the same boost as natural sunlight, without any of the harmful UV rays or skin damage. Indeed, UV free LED light therapy increases serotonin and gives your body that extra boost needed.

PowerUSB charging, DC5V
Warranty1 Year
ColourWhite or Multicolour light