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Nilaqua Rinse Free Shampoo Cap

  • Shampoo and conditioner cap that thoroughly cleans the hair without water!
  • A great idea for those who love camping trips, festivals, and the great outdoors
  • Beautiful apple scent leaves the hair smelling fresh and beautiful
  • Ideal for those who cannot shower or bathe due to injury or disability
  • Get clean, soft and silky hair without the need for water
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No-Rinse Shampoo and Conditioner Cap for Fresh and Beautiful Hair

This incredible hair washing solution is perfect for anyone wanting wonderfully clean hair, without water! The non-rinse formula cleans the hair and scalp, removing grease and dirt build up wherever you are in the world as it requires no water! Whether you are renovating and have no water in your home, you are a keen camper or you’re planning a Glastonbury trip – don’t forget your Rinse Free Shampoo Cap!


Non-Rinse Shampoo and Conditioning Cap for Bedbound, Injured or Disabled Persons and Those Suffering Dementia

Everyone should have the option to feel clean and fresh, but unfortunately it isn’t always possible as we get older and psychological illnesses or physical disabilities take their toll and impact out personal care and hygiene. It is a basic human need and right to feel clean and cared for, so if you take care of someone who is no longer able to care for themselves; this marvellous Rinse Free Shampoo Cap can help them to feel a little more like their old-selves again.

Many dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers can become afraid of water and showering. If someone close to you displays signs of fear when near water, why not try this lovely no rinse shampoo and conditioner cap instead? Massaging the formula in to their head can make them feel happy and relaxed - it is proven that human contact is a lovely boost for people suffering with either of these awful diseases.

How to Use this Brilliant Rinse Free Shampoo Cap

Pop the shower cap over the head, tucking in any strands of hair. Massage until the hair feels saturated and then discard the cap. Thoroughly towel dry before styling as normal (ensure only to use a hairdryer once hair has been thoroughly towel dried). You can microwave the cap if you wish for a warming sensation as the hair is cleaned. This is a lovely sensation if you want to make the session about relaxation and pampering as much as getting beautifully clean hair.