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Professional Strength Scratch No More
Professional Strength Scratch No More | StressNoMore
Professional Strength Scratch No More 2
Professional Strength Scratch No More
Professional Strength Scratch No More | StressNoMore
Professional Strength Scratch No More 2
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Professional Strength Scratch No More

  • Protect your furniture from your cat’s claws
  • An effective spray with a scent undetectable to humans but disliked by cats
  • Offers 2 weeks of protection from 1 spray
  • Can safely be used on furniture and curtains of any material
  • Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards
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How Can I Stop My Cat Scratching the Furniture?

If you’ve got a cat who loves getting their claws in to everything, you’ve probably asked this question to your friends, family and Google! That may be how you found your way to this remarkable product; Professional Strength Pet Scratch No More, a failsafe way to stop your cat destroying your furniture and curtains.

Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture and Curtains?

It may look like they’re just having a nice stretch, but the science behind why your cat seems hell-bent on destroying your stunning Italian leather suite is a bit more complex. Scratching removes the dead outer layer of their claws, a bit like you cutting your finger nails. It is also another way they can mark their territory, the visual sign of their presence (the claw marks that send a shiver down your spine) and scent; cats have small scent glands on their paws.   

How Does A Scratch Repellent Spray Work?

The spray contains herbal ingredients that release a scent undetectable to humans. It has the polar opposite effect of catnip, cats will do everything to avoid the scent and therefore leave your furniture in one piece.  You might want to buy a scratching post as well, so they have somewhere else to aim their scratchy affection.

1 application offers 2 weeks of protection, so be sure to keep up using your cat scratch repellent every fortnight, even if your cat stops after just one application. Over time, your cat should become used to avoiding the area on their own and leave your lovely sofa or curtains well alone!

Professional Strength is the strong but safe specialist pet scratching deterrent system that the professionals don’t want you to know about because they’ll be out of a job, get yours today!


Please Note: We have amended our packaging to ensure zero leakage during transit. As such, going forward, Professional Strength items will come with a screw top lid and a trigger spray attachment. Once received, simply remove the screw cap lid and replace with the trigger spray attachment.