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Professional Strength Chew No More | StressNoMore
Professional Strength Chew No More
Professional Strength Chew No More 2
Professional Strength Chew No More | StressNoMore
Professional Strength Chew No More
Professional Strength Chew No More 2
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Professional Strength Chew No More

  • Safeguard your furniture and footwear with this highly effective chew deterrent
  • 100% safe and pet-friendly formula deters your dog from chewing or licking
  • Non-staining easy spray bottle ideal for protecting clothing, shoes, and furniture
  • Safe for use on all soft furnishings and electrical wiring
  • An essential tool for puppy training or as a refresher for an older dog
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Protect Your Pet and Your Possessions

Chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs, and especially young puppies. We use our hands to explore an object, dogs use their mouths. Chewing is also a beneficial jaw exercise for dogs and helps to keep their teeth healthy and clean.

But when your fluffy friend starts destroying your favourite pair of shoes or takes a liking to an electrical cord, it can become a problem. A dangerous, expensive problem! 

Professional Strength Chew No More protection spray has been carefully formulated to keep your puppy safe and protect your valuables. This safe, gentle and pet-friendly anti-chew spray discourages your pooch from chewing with its strong and unpleasant taste.

Just like foul tasting nail polish that nail biters use to try and kick the habit, when this formula hits the taste buds it effectively puts your dog off the area for life! We have personally experienced the taste of this formula and are under no doubt that it will leave a lasting impression on your dogs senses to ensure they don't return for another bite! 

The spray works easily as part of your training regime with a new pup, or as a refresher for an older dog. Combine with positive reinforcement and tasty treats for ultimate success and a well-behaved companion!

Prevent Potentially Life-Threating Issues for Your Pup 

Gastrointestinal (GI) obstructions are a common occurrence in dogs because they love to chew on foreign objects and inevitably end up swallowing something they shouldn’t. The surgical procedure to remove intestinal blockages in dogs is major and comes with a high price tag and serious risks. Simply spraying your powerful and effective Chew No More spray will guarantee your dog doesn't swallow objects they shouldn't and gives you peace of mind for their safety.  

Perfume Free, Non-Staining Formula for Furniture and Clothing

Ideal for protecting clothing, shoes, and furniture, Professional Strength Chew No More anti-chew formula is suitable for hard and soft surfaces. Use as generously as needed to help train and prevent your pet from their undesirable biting habits.

Professional Strength is the strong but safe specialist home care system that the professionals don’t want you to know about because they’ll be out of a job, get yours today!

Please Note: We have amended our packaging to ensure zero leakage during transit. As such, going forward, Professional Strength items will come with a screw top lid and a trigger spray attachment. Once received, simply remove the screw cap lid and replace with the trigger spray attachment.