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Osalis Wake Up Light with Nature Sounds   1
Osalis Wake Up Light with Nature Sounds   2
Osalis Wake Up Light with Nature Sounds   4
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Osalis Wake Up Light with Nature Sounds   1
Osalis Wake Up Light with Nature Sounds   2
Osalis Wake Up Light with Nature Sounds   3
Osalis Wake Up Light with Nature Sounds   4
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Osalis Wake Up Light with Nature Sounds

  • Stylish compact wake up light for brighter mornings, just like a real sunrise flooding into your bedroom – the white LED light helps to tackle the symptoms of SAD and gently wakes you for a more natural start to the day
  • Simulates sunrise at a time set on the alarm clock by you so you never have to wake up in the dark again
  • Features an alarm clock which includes 5 natural sounds to help wake you gently to the sounds of nature - a perfect start to the day
  • Soft white light with 3 brightness settings to get the light intensity perfect for you and combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Rechargeable battery fitted so you can take the SAD lamp with you while you have breakfast to enjoy the stimulation of natural light.
  • Features an optional automatic colour change with 256 beautiful colours that create a beautiful ambiance in your bedroom and rainbow colours for you to wake up to! You can also freeze the colour to your favourite too!
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Wake Refreshed and Combat the Negative Affects of SAD with this nature-sounds SAD Alarm Clock Light

As far as bright light therapy goes, this Simulation Sunrise Light has everything you need in a small, high-tech package that can be used at home or on your travels, due to its rechargeable battery and lightweight, compact design. It has so many brilliant features, let’s take a look at them:

Simulation Sunrise: The sunrise simulator sets the LED light to activate 30 minutes before your alarm goes off. Don’t worry though, this isn’t to say you’re going to be rudely awoken at 5:30 am by a blinding light you’d expect in a hospital! This clever light machine increases the light through 20 different settings of brightness over that half an hour period so your subconscious brain begins to respond naturally to the ‘sunrise’ and prepare for waking. Is there anything more awful than waking up in the pitch black as your alarm screams at you? The sunrise function ensures that when your alarm goes off, you are already in a semi-conscious state and wake feeling refreshed. And, speaking of alarms…

5 Natural Wake-Up Tones: With a choice of 5 relaxing tones. You will be roused from your sleep peacefully rather than startled in a way that makes you want to throw your alarm across the room! Choose from:

  • Summer bird song
  • Melodious rainforest sounds
  • Nighttime owl
  • Seaside feels
  • Stormy nights

Ambient Mood Lighting: With 256 full colours, you can set your Simulation Sunrise Light to continually change. The colours simply fade into one another which creates a gorgeous ambiance in any room at any time of night. You can even tap the touch sensor on top of the lamp to freeze it on the colour you like the most and leave it static.

3 White Light Intensities: You can select the level of bright light intensity that works for you and your mood. You may want to take your LED light to work with you and have it on a lower intensity throughout the day, or you might feel you need that lovely bright ‘sunlight’ first thing to really set you up for the day – the choice is all yours!

Mains powered and it includes a Rechargeable Battery: You can charge it using the USB cable provided. When plugged in, the USB cable actually charges the lithium battery meaning – when it is fully charged – you can take it with you on your daily commute/to work or move it around the house from room to room. A full charge will provide:

  • 8-9 hours of use on the low brightness white light setting
  • 4-5 hours of use on the medium brightness white light setting
  • 2-3 hours of use on the high brightness white light setting
  • 9-10 hours of continuous ambient colour changing  

As the Wake Up Light is rechargeable, it also means you wont have to reset the clock and time if there is a powercut. Setting up your Simulation Sunrise Light could not be easier following the easy to follow instructions within the box, so you can start enjoying all the benefits this small - but perfectly formed - lightbox has to offer, straight away!


Size100 x 100 x 175mm