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Osalis Balance & Wobble Cushion

  • Use this wobble cushion to prevent & treat back pain/injury and aching joints & improve posture, balance, proprioception
  • Encourage ‘active sitting’ to reduce fidgeting, improve concentration & increase focus
  • Comfortable textured surface for stability & grip during exercise – designed for standing, sitting or lying on
  • Unique square angled, flat edge provides additional support to the thighs during prolonged sitting periods
  • Portable & lightweight – use at home or work to keep the muscles active & the body strong
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Prevent and treat back pain/injury & aching joints, whilst also improving posture, balance, and concentration with the Osalis Balance & Wobble Cushion

Designed for standing, sitting, or lying on, the Osalis Sit Up Fitness Cushion can be used as an innovative technique to strengthen the ankles, knees and improve core stability, balance, and proprioception. In addition, by simply sitting on this wobble cushion, you are constantly shifting your core and back position, which strengthens the muscles, thereby improving posture and preventing injury.

The Oasalis Sit Up Fitness Cushion can be placed on any chair and is easy to take with you anywhere, making it a great alternative for the bulky, cumbersome looking gym balls that people often use for active sitting.

Wobble cushions, also referred to as stability cushions, are flatter than balance pads for more controlled, progressive exercise. They are also safer and easier to store than wobble boards. What makes the Osalis Sit Up Fitness Cushion stand out from the crowd is its one flat edge, which provides additional support to the thighs for longer sitting periods. Simply inflate with the included pump until firm and it is ready for use. The expertly designed cushion can even be used on the floor and implemented into a variety of different strengthening exercises for treatment and rehabilitation after injury, illness, or operation. Featuring a textured surface for comfort, safety, and stability, it offers extra grip during exercise and can be used by both adults and children. So, whether you work from home or sit still at the office, sitting in the same position for hours at a time is terrible for your body, causing strain and weakening the muscles in your back, core and legs from lack of use as you slouch against the back of your seat. Lower back pain is a leading cause for time off work and can be completely debilitating. There has been a recent trend for standing desks, but these can end up creating similar problems as you end up stiff and sore from being stood up in the same position all day. Portable and lightweight, you can experience all the benefits this wobble cushion has to offer, whether at work, home or even round a friend’s house. Over time this will strengthen the muscles in your back and helps you to subconsciously sit correctly all the time, you won't even need to think about it - it will just become second nature to you.

The Osalis Sit Up Fitness Cushion works by throwing the body off balance, which activates the muscles to constantly re-adjust its position in order to regain it. For back/shoulder pain and poor posture we recommend sitting on the Osalis Sit Up Fitness Cushion, while for ankle and knee pain, as well as poor balance, standing on the wobble cushion is preferred. You can also lie on the wobble cushion to improve back strength. When sitting on your Osalis Sit Up Fitness Cushion, place on a stool or flat chair without arms (not on a sofa) and place the feet flat on the floor. When lying or standing, ensure the surface it is placed upon is not slippery. Standing on a wobble cushion provides multiple health benefits because it increases energy expenditure when performing simple exercises.

Wobble Cushions for ‘active sitting’ and improved concentration in children and adults with ADHD

For both children and adults that are prone to fidgeting due to a lack of concentration, including those with ADHD, a wobble cushion is a must! Research suggests that wobble cushions increase productivity and improve behaviour. This is because ‘active sitting’, the kind that occurs when sitting on a wobble board, enables the user to move around more whilst in their chair. Indeed, it is thought that children and those with ADHD need to move around more when performing complicated tasks/activities. The movement inspired by using a wobble cushion, therefore, improves focus and concentration. In addition, it helps to burn excess energy by constantly activating the muscles. Active sitting involves the use of seating that encourages flexibility and movement, thus engaging your muscles and also keeping them strong and supple.

Exercising with your Osalis Sit Up Fitness Cushion

Osalis Sit Up Fitness Cushion is not just for sitting on! It can help you complete a series of simple exercises that will further strengthen your spine, back, core, leg and feet muscles.

Balance Exercise - Place your wobble cushion on the floor and stand up straight on it. Balance on one leg for 30 seconds, followed by the other for 30 seconds.

Squats - More difficult than performing squats with the feet flat on the floor, using a balance disc will increase strength in the legs, ankles, and knees. Bend the body into the squat position, stay there for as long as you are comfortable with and then stand upright very slowly. You’ll find this quite difficult to begin with, but it won’t be long before you’re doing 20-25 repetitions.

Push-ups - Ideally, you’ll need 2 wobble cushions to perform this exercise. Place the hands on the disc[s] and start by performing 1-2 push-ups. You will be able to gradually increase this and will likely be comfortable doing 3-4 push-ups per set.

Yoga Moves - By standing on your Osalis Sit Up Fitness Cushion to perform your yoga moves, you will achieve better results. We recommend doing this for improved balance, strength and flexibility.

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