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Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden
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Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden

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Add a stunning centrepiece to your home and discover the multiple health benefits indoor plants have to offer, with the Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden. From improving the quality of air you and your family breathe, to alleviating stress, reducing blood pressure and improving concentration, having plants around the home has been shown to enhance overall health and happiness!

The Benefits of a Hydroponic Growing System


Utilising water, rather than soil culture, hydroponic growing systems transport water and nutrients directly to the roots of the plant for more efficient growth. Indeed, this eliminates the plant’s need to expend energy searching for their own nutrients and, as such, they grow more abundantly and approximately 30% faster than those grown in soil [2]. Arguably the most efficient way to grow plants, the basic needs that ensure healthy plant growth, including light, temperature, humidity, nutrients, and water can also be easily maintained and controlled using this method. A mess free and space saving option, there is no need for repotting or fertilising on the kitchen counter. And, because the roots no longer need to spread out in search of nutrients, they require less room to grow.

Perhaps somewhat surprising, a hydroponic system can use as much as 95% less water than traditional soil-based growing methods [2]. This is because the system is enclosed which, therefore reduces evaporation. Not only does this ensure more efficient growth but it is also a more environmentally friendly option. In addition, hydroponic plants will be happier and healthier as they are protected from the outside elements, soil-borne diseases, and pests.

The Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden Utilises LED Light for Optimal Plant Growth & Works on a 12 Hour On/Off Cycle

The Nutrimist Uno Indoor Garden has been ergonomically designed, is incredibly simple to use and comes complete with a detailed instruction manual. The seed is simply paced in the plant sponge, inserted into the basket, and then put into the tank lid where it is submerged in nutrient rich solution. However, this unique indoor growing system includes two baskets for those that wish to incorporate soil culture into their cultivation. In this case, the solution is still added to the tank in the same way, but soil is added to the basket and the seeds are sown into the soil rather than placed in a sponge. After several days, the water level in the tank will begin to fall, so remember to keep topping up!

When your Nutrimist Uno Indoor Herb Garden is plugged in and the basin/tank is in place, the plant growth light will begin to work on a 12 hour on/off cycle. This indoor plant light has been carefully optimised using red and blue LED light to ensure abundant growth and requires no regulation. The blue light targets the plant during its vegetative state, promotes strong root development and stocky plant growth. In addition, it stimulates stomatal opening for breathing, leaf expansion and photoperiodic flowering. Conversely, red light is required for photosynthesis and works best during the flowering stage.

Also featuring a built-in eye protection light, which can be adjusted using the dial on the base unit (when the basin/tank is removed), the Nutrimist Uno is a multi-purpose, energy-saving reading light and growth lamp in one. Complete with a fully adjustable head, this expertly designed lamp enables you to target the brightness of the LED/eye protection light exactly where desired. In addition, it is made from sturdy, durable polycarbonate, ABS plastic and aluminium and its neutral white colour won’t detract from the beauty of your chosen plant!

Enjoy Green Fingered Fun the Whole Year Round & Discover a Sense of Achievement As You Cook With Your Home Grown Herbs


Those cold, dark winter months can prevent us from cultivating plants, vegetables, or herbs. An indoor garden enables us to do so effortlessly all year round. The sense of achievement derived from watching your plant blossom or using your home-grown fruit/veggies/herbs in cooking is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It also enables you and your children to immerse yourself in nature, even when it’s rainy and miserable outside. This particular herb garden is perfectly suited to growing chillies or basil!

Purify the Air so You and Your Family Can Breathe Easy


Plants, in contrast to humans, breathe in/absorb carbon dioxide and expel oxygen. As such, they improve the quality of air and make it more oxygen-rich, which is perfect for us! This is particularly useful in an indoor setting where much of the air is recycled, and research has shown that houseplants can remove up to 87 per cent of air toxins in 24 hours [1]. The air cleaning properties of plants are further boosted when they are grown in an indoor garden. This is because LED growing lights are used to accelerate photosynthesis and, thus, stimulates the plant/s to release more oxygen into the home.

Feel Calmer, Less Stressed/Anxious & Better Able to Concentrate


It is evidenced that plants have a soothing, calming effect on the sympathetic (autonomic) nervous system (SNS). Not only does this alleviate stress, aid relaxation and boost mood, it also leads to a lower heart rate and reduced blood pressure, which can reduce the risk of future illness. In addition, houseplants have been shown to improve concentration and productivity by up to 15% [1], while reduced anxiety can also lead to better sleep. Cultivating an indoor garden can be a refuge from the outside world and caring for a living thing can reduce loneliness and even depression.

Improve the Humidity in Your Home For Healthier Skin & Reduced Fatigue


Evapotranspiration refers to the process by which water is evaporated from the leaves of a plant into the air, thereby increasing humidity. Optimum humidity is not only required in the home to ensure the air is free from dust and other allergens, but it also increases the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, therefore resulting in healthier looking skin. In addition, it also reduces fatigue.


Contents2 x Seed Baskets, Power Lead, Lamp, Tank
MaterialPolycarbonate, ABS Plastic, Aluminium
CertificationCE Mark, FCC, RoHS