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Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Herb Garden
Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Herb Garden 3
Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Herb Garden 4
Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Herb Garden 6
Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Herb Garden 5
Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Herb Garden
Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Herb Garden 3
Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Herb Garden 6
Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Herb Garden 4
Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Herb Garden 5
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Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Herb Garden

  • Fine quality hydroponic indoor herb garden utilises water culture rather than soil for 30% faster growth & maximum yield
  • Utilises the perfect combination of red & blue light to maximise photosynthesis & ensure healthy, happy plants
  • Accommodates 4 plants/herbs – seeds are placed in sponges, inserted in baskets & placed in tank lid where roots are submerged in nutrient rich water
  • Ergonomic design – easily assembled, complete with detailed instruction manual & features 3 different mode settings
  • Expertly designed with automatic height adjustment function & smart chip sensor to alert you when watering is necessary
  • Improve air quality, boost mood, lower blood pressure, improve concentration & discover healthy, more youthful looking skin!
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There are numerous health benefits, both physical and emotional, that an indoor garden can provide for both you and your family. From improving the quality of air we breathe, to lowering blood pressure and alleviating stress levels, something as simple as cultivating plants in the home can lead to happier, healthier lives!

Why are Hydroponic Growing Systems Superior to Soil, Particularly in the Home?

A hydroponic system relies solely upon water and nutrients for growth rather than using soil. Using this water culture method for growing plants, vegetables, or herbs, ensures that the correct amount of nutrients is readily available to them and carried directly to the roots. This eliminates the plant’s need to expend energy searching for nutrients in the soil and, thus, can solely utilise this energy for growth. As such, plants that are cultivated in a hydroponic system grow approximately 30% faster than those grown in soil [2] and flourish better. Indeed, it is arguably the most efficient way of growing plants because all their basic needs are met, without them having to use any energy in order to source them themselves. Particularly beneficial for growing plants in the home, a hydroponic system also reduces the amount of mess. After all, no-one wants to plant seeds in soil, re-pot and fertilise on their kitchen counter! In addition, plants can be grown much closer together because the roots no longer need to spread out in search of nutrients. This makes it an incredible space saving option, ideal for inside the home.

Somewhat surprisingly, a hydroponic system can use as much as 95% less water than traditional soil-based growing methods [2]. The reason being that the system is enclosed and isn’t exposed to the outside world, thereby reducing evaporation. As such, it is not only a more efficient way of growing plants, it is more environmentally friendly. Hydroponic plants are also happier and healthier as they are protected from the outside elements, soil-borne diseases, and pests. In fact, all components that influence healthy plant growth, including light, temperature, humidity, nutrients, and water can be easily controlled and maintained using a hydroponic growing system.

The Nutrmist Quattro Indoor Garden accommodates 4 plants/herbs, exposes them to LED growing lights for optimal growth & even reminds you when to water

Boasting the optimal combination of blue and red LED lights, the Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Herb Garden ensures plants reach their vegetative state quickly and abundantly. Blue light targets plants during their vegetative state, promotes strong root development and stocky plant growth. In addition, they also stimulate stomatal opening for breathing, leaf expansion and photoperiodic flowering. Red light, on the other hand, works best during the flowering stage and the higher the intensity, the greater the yield. It is required for photosynthesis and inhibits stem elongation.

Easy to assemble and complete with a detailed instruction manual, the Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Garden features an automatic height function as your plants grow, which adjusts between 8 and 35cm. Simply place your seeds into the sponges, insert into the basket and then into the lid of the tank so that they are submerged in the nutrient rich water. Then watch them flower, blossom, and flourish! This ergonomic indoor garden even features a built-in smart sensor to detect when the water level is low and a buzzer will sound reminding you when to water.

The Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Garden features 3 planting modes/settings, each with a different function:

  1. 14h/Standby/Normal: this button switches on the device and automatically selects the ‘normal’ mode. Operating on a 24-hour cycle, the ‘normal’ mode activates the light, which remains on for 14 hours and is followed by 8 hours of ‘sleep’ (lights out). If no other mode is selected, it will continue to operate in this manner until the device is switched off or unplugged
  2. 16h/Grow: this is the ideal mode for starting seeds, sprouting and growing fruits. The light intensity is more intense when in the ‘grow’ mode and the 24-hour light cycle consists of 16 hours on/8 hours off
  3. 12h/Enjoy: use this mode when maintaining fully grown plants for optimal beauty. The light operates at a reduced intensity and works to a 12 hour on/12 hour off cycle

It is possible to reset the 24-hour cycle so that it starts from a different time. This is done by holding down the standby button down for 3 seconds. The light will blink to indicate the new cycle has commenced. Made from fine quality polycarbonate, ABS and aluminium, the Nutrimist Quattro Indoor Garden is durable and built to last. In addition, it has a tank capacity of 2.5 litres.

Put Your Green Fingers to Good Use All Year Round, Regardless of the Season

Don’t let the cold, dark winter days stem your gardening activities! An indoor garden enables you to grow herbs, vegetables, and plants effortlessly all year round, even when there is not much greenery outside. Grow beautiful plants, harvest fresh and tasty herbs and enjoy all-natural ingredients with no pesticides or GMOs! This is even a great activity to enjoy with the children; watch their faces light up as they see their seeds grow and learn more about nature.

Release More Oxygen into your Home & Purify the Air you Breathe with an Indoor Garden

In contrast to us, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the atmosphere. This makes them perfectly suited to an indoor setting, where they create oxygen rich, purified air for us to breathe. Indeed, proven to improve air quality, research has shown that houseplants can remove up to 87 per cent of air toxins in 24 hours [1]. In addition, the LED growing lights used in indoor gardens accelerate photosynthesis and, therefore, further boost the plant’s air cleaning powers and release more oxygen into the home.

Experience Increased Concentration, Reduced Stress & Anxiety Levels and Better Sleep

Plants have been proven to have a calming effect on the sympathetic (autonomic) nervous system (SNS), leading to reduced blood pressure and a lower heart rate. This can also aid relaxation, alleviate stress, boost mood, improve concentration and increase productivity by up to 15% [1]! This is also likely to result in reduced anxiety and better sleep. In addition, often deemed a refuge from the outside world, cultivating an indoor garden and bringing nature inside the home can have a tranquil effect, while caring for living things is rewarding and reduces loneliness and depression.

Increase the Humidity in your Home & Discover Healthier More Youthful Looking Skin

Improved humidity in the home increases the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, therefore resulting in healthier looking skin and reduced fatigue. Plants increase humidity in the air through a process called evapotranspiration, which involves water travelling up the roots of the plant, through the stems, and into the leaves (transpiration), where it's evaporated into the air via pores on the leaves (stomata)


Contents4 Speed Sponges, 4 Baskets, Power Cable, Instruction Manual, Tank, LED Panel
MaterialPolycarbonate, ABS Plastic, Aluminium
CertificationCE Mark, FCC, RoHS